Monday, July 20, 2009

Bringing Out The Dead

I managed to rip this modern classic before my needle turned to total shit. The glorious Ambulance LP also marks the return of the sub-sub genre of music this blog specializes in: bleak scandi-crust! (and yes, female vocals... not that it matters... or does it?). Ambulance now has a new line-up, including a different vocalist, but as solid as they are, they have yet to match the brilliance of "The End Of Our Time." It's one of those records that's so dark you want to off yourself, but so awesome and powerful it gives you a reason once again to live. Make a playlist of this, Tragedy, Schifosi, and Jeniger, and you'll be in your own personal twilight bliss.

"The End Of Our Time" by Ambulance (ripped from vinyl @ 320 kbps)

See if you can get a copy from the band.

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