Friday, August 23, 2013

En Stille Død

Work started again, and everything else stopped.  I've fallen into a groove with work, though, and I'd like to jump start life as I once knew it again, including this here blog.  The next few posts will be a bit of a catch-up game: requests fulfilled, missing pieces finishing puzzles of previous posts.  Today brings a post I've been sitting on for a while, since I posted the Angst/Idora split, in fact.  So here's a big trunk of Norwegian wood up side your temple, to floor you until the next post (I promise it won't be long from now, and it will probably be Idora related).  I tried to include the flexi these bruisers put out, but my budget is not generous enough for what the collectors are asking.  If you like Norwegian hardcore, you probably know Angst.  If you don't like Norwegian hardcore, you must not have heard any.  This 7" is one of the best examples of this now traditional style, and as good a place to start as any for those out of the know.

Angst 7" (Heart First and Fangst Records, 1992)

By request, I've re-upped a 7" from related legends, Kort Prosess HERE.