Sunday, December 29, 2013

A Soul Full of Holes

This post begins a triple thrash threat of sorts, that will unravel between posts over the next couple of weeks.  Showcased will be three bands that fall into the subgenre I can't seem to get enough of.  I'm referring, of course to the dark, Scandinavian stuff.  All three bands have either been posted before, or referenced repeatedly throughout this blog.  As you can see, Acursed is the first band, and many of you know them from the black pall their two LPs draped upon the unsuspecting world; which brings me to the main motivation for this post-- it seems that the days of collection/discography CDs have come to a near dead end. This blog can be of some use in this respect.  Under the assumption that you have or can easily find the band's full lengths (I recommend starting there), I've ripped and collected all of the EPs and splits that I own to supplement those. If you're new to the band, I would point you in the direction of the Fallout split LP as a starter.  There isn't much more to say about Acursed that I haven't said already.  They're dark, heavy, fast, and refreshingly more complex than much of the boring raw punk rehash going on out there.

Acursed/Last Warning split 7" (Red Storm Rising, 1997)

Acursed- "A Fascist State... in Disguise" CDEP (Distortion, 1998)

Acursed/Victims split 7" (Putrid Filth Conspiracy, 1999)

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Sunday, December 1, 2013

All This Sunshine is Just Going to End

It's time for another piece of that candy of nostalgia, wrapped in a shoddy DIY wrapper and tainted with just enough poison and broken glass to give you a slightly "off" feeling for a while.  This backhanded, backward glance is dangled before us by Rights Reserved once again, a band resolute to drag you behind the house and shove your face in a steaming, shameful pile of memories best left alone.  As promised, I'm offering the band's split with Assfactor 4 as a starting point.  Rights Reserved are in what I consider their prime on these two tracks, holding back none of their prodigious angst in neither the music nor lyric department.  The only other song of theirs that matches these would be the one on the 400DayHeadache comp. While their LP is full of heartfelt and emotionally charged material, none quite compare to the power of these three songs.  On the other side, Assfactor 4 make one of their earliest vinyl appearance before going on to dominate the modern hardcore "scene" of the nineties.  The two tracks offered mark a transitional point between the members' time in Tonka and Unherd, and the solidification of the A-4 sound on their later 7" and LPs.  Essential for fans, plus the mood meshes well with the RR tracks.

I also mentioned that I would post Rights Reserved's other EPs, and while I am a lazy-ass, jaded, distracted son of a gun, I'm no liar.  Many bands have enjoyable early material that shows them working out their ideas; RR's early 7"s are fine examples of that.  The band mixes and alternates between indie rock, punk, and melodic hardcore, like, well, small town youths trying to find themselves and having fun doing it.  With no small measure of talent, I might add.

Rights Reserved 7"s