Tuesday, December 29, 2009

As Poetic As a Sunset

It seems ages since Jake (I believe) requested this here Absinthe 7". All these months with peeled back eyelids paid off, and tonight I offer rips of one incredible record! Absinthe was a band forged from the same blazing furnace as Unruh, Wellington, Jeremin, Suicide Nation, etc., and fashioned themselves as a similar metallic implement, albeit one with a bit more groove from the rhythm section. They manage to be alternately rough, tight, chaotic, gritty, clean, and unabashedly modern, but without seeming the slightest bit contrived. Really impressive!

The band also produced a follow-up 10" which I went ahead and included in the folder...

Absinthe (7" & 10")

Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Losable Way I Should Go

Well, I managed to get over a few humps in life in order to return here today, and also managed to allay a nagging, subcutaneous desire to stop the blogging biz. Toward the end, actually, I really started looking forward to posting again. I wouldn't call it a blogging addiction, but if it was, it would be like a coffee habit. When you stop, there's no heavy withdrawals (for me), there's even a sense of relief after a while; but then there's a definite feeling that something's missing; then the smell arouses the old monster again, and it's back to business as usual. Or maybe I just really like sharing music with the few of you out there who like this shit too. Either way, I'm back, and today we ease into the resurrection with a small but satisfying gem.

It was with their split with Signal Lost that I first encountered Protess, but it's still their track on the Noise Pollution split that holds the key to the band's brilliance. Their two track 7", "Positiveness" is no sloucher either, harnessing the dark and scathing crustiness of latter mentioned split, with only a hint of the rock chord-age of the former. Fans of Unhinged and Daymare (such as myself) will do backflips over this stuff, and then'll go searching Ebay for the LP that the band unfortunately will probably never record.

A big thanks to blog-meister and all around stand-up dude, Chairmaker for sending me rips of this 7" to hold me over. After scouring the bins, I found a hard copy and ripped it for us all.

"Positiveness" 7" by Protess

Just like coming back to school or the office after a long break, I realize... I've got a lot to do here. An update on what I've been listening to should come soon (as if anyone cares), as well as posts I've been meaning to do on bands like Absinthe, The Neighbors, The Obliterated, etc. Thanks to everyone for sticking with, and for all the great blogs for doing great work and hopefully loving it! Mass visitations are forthcoming.