Monday, November 9, 2009

Hiatus (Not the Band)

It's time to take a little vacation from blogging. With all the things going on right now, I would hate for this blog to become a chore. If it isn't fun anymore, why keep at it? I think you see my point. After two or four weeks, I hope to be re-energized and back to finding hidden musical treasures under unassuming rocks and ripping the shit out of them! Meantime, I look forward to getting caught up on a ton of other stuff and listening to music for no other reason than the sheer pleasure of it! I've recently received a flurry of e-mails; some from nice people sharing music or saying thanks, as well as those hoping for a review/post. To the former, I say thanks! and to the latter... I haven't forgotten about you-- please be patient. If any old links are down, let me know; I'll be checking comments here and there.

To send you on your way properly, I present the Half Man/Kisses & Hugs split 7". Roman, a long time/sporadic FE visitor/friend, was blown away by the small-town angst and violence of Kisses & Hugs' 12" and suggested I post this mean little split. This one's for him and anyone else who dug that piece (all of whom are probably laid up with a sore asshole from the experience). X's & O's were definitely a singular monster, and what Half Man might lack in originality and insanity, is made up for by their sincerity and power on the two tracks here. Made up of ex-members of Campaign and future members of Countdown to Putsch, HM took old school grit and "modern" smarts (I'm look at you Born Against) and made plain, good hardcore punk! They released a couple of EPs, some comp tracks and an LP that sounded like a completely different band. Check with the Mountain Collective for related bands and straggling artifacts.

The Half Man/Kisses & Hugs Split 7"

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Thoughts In Stereo

You may have just experienced a reflex arc to click away from this page after seeing the above cover. Just know that Germany's Kurt knew how to bring the rock; namely one of the few kinds of rock that doesn't render me instantly comatose: that style brought by such bands as Kerosene 454, Last of the Juanitas and the like. Heavy drumming and shouted vocals conspire eagerly with sour but at times strangely soothing discordant guitars. Today's free download, the "Schesaplana" LP, hearkens to the heydays of San Diego and DC rock, without any derivative copy-cattery.

Kurt, like their country-folk Dawnbreed, started as a screamy hardcore band, but then "refined" themselves into an awesome heavy rock band. The packaging on "Schesaplana" is fairly unique in that the 10 inserts came in a sealed envelope (one for each track plus one extra). A reproduction lies in the folder below.

"Schesaplana" by Kurt (X-Mist Records, 1998; ripped at 320 kbps)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Trigger Isn't Hard To Pull

It had to happen. Pretty much every other Enewetak record has been posted here; it was just a matter of time before "And the Beat Goes On..." should make its appearance. I had some mediocre rips I had downloaded, and which seem to be consistently downloaded from me on soulseek. When I recently came across a mint copy of the wax, I knew I needed to step up. If I do say so myself, these rips came out pretty nice, and this record deserves the treatment. I think anyone into any kind of heavy music can get down with these nine crushing tracks of metalicious Rorschachery, and if you can't, well this is where we depart. As with the "Guns" LP, it just has to be heard, as descriptions will inevitably fall flaccid. And, as with all Enewetak LPs, it's my favorite until I throw on another one. But really I think this one might seriously be my favorite.

"And The Beat Goes On..." by Enewetak (Revolutionary Power Tools Records, 1996; ripped at 320 kbps).

Monday, November 2, 2009

You're Next

A favorite song, from a favorite record, Void's "Time to Die" is a sweet ditty to compliment all the "slasher" films you've been watching lately. I always thought the lyrics to this one would be some frightening shit to hear for the first time; but I can't remember: it's been such a long time for me since its first spin.

"Time to Die" (Void)