Saturday, November 7, 2009

Thoughts In Stereo

You may have just experienced a reflex arc to click away from this page after seeing the above cover. Just know that Germany's Kurt knew how to bring the rock; namely one of the few kinds of rock that doesn't render me instantly comatose: that style brought by such bands as Kerosene 454, Last of the Juanitas and the like. Heavy drumming and shouted vocals conspire eagerly with sour but at times strangely soothing discordant guitars. Today's free download, the "Schesaplana" LP, hearkens to the heydays of San Diego and DC rock, without any derivative copy-cattery.

Kurt, like their country-folk Dawnbreed, started as a screamy hardcore band, but then "refined" themselves into an awesome heavy rock band. The packaging on "Schesaplana" is fairly unique in that the 10 inserts came in a sealed envelope (one for each track plus one extra). A reproduction lies in the folder below.

"Schesaplana" by Kurt (X-Mist Records, 1998; ripped at 320 kbps)


Papst Benedikt XVI said...

actually KURT are from Switzerland!

b.t.w. hope to see you back to blogging soon!

Batguano said...

Hey Pope, both LPs I have list their mailing address as Germany. Did they move or something?

Thanks for stopping by!

Papst Benedikt XVI said...

don't know if they moved... but when SYSTRAL asked me if I could set up a show for them they sent me a KURT tape and asked if KURT could open up for them and they sent a Swiss address with the tape. sad but true SYTRAL canceled the whole tour so I never saw KURT live... I'm also sure that Dirk (SYSTRAL bassist) announced them as Swiss band?

Mr.Oink said...

Check their page on myspace and you`ll see that they´re from Germany.