Friday, November 26, 2010

Loud Silence At Home

If anyone has the cure for Busy, please send it my way! There's no shortage of great music here at the headquarters, but the postings just haven't been happening for various reasons. I'll see what I can do to catch up this weekend, but for now here's a heaping gravy ladle of French 90's hardcore. I've noticed that a lot of my posts and would-be posts are of newer records, simply because there are a ton of great releases of late. But I can't forget the decade that this blog specializes in, and so I present the few releases I own by Undone. While I can't guarantee you'll love Undone as I do, they did offer an enticingly puzzling admixture of hardcore styles; if music doesn't cut it for you unless it boasts copious moshy metal riffs, emotive dissonance, or speed, Undone have got you covered on all accounts (especially the first two). It won't take long to figure out that Undone grew thorny and strong out of the same cracked concrete slab as Finger Print, Ivich, Vanilla, etc, and for that they should already warrant a serious listen. For today, I'm offering the band's later 7" "The Other Side," as well as an early 7" that I will simply call "Undone." Both rage, but on this early outing I like the vocals better, and the metal is cranked way the hell up.

Since you hate comps, I'm sneaking in yet another rose among weeds, the "World Hardcore" 2X7". Perhaps it should really be called "European Hardcore", but whatever. A comp is a winner if more than half the tracks are at least good, if not great, and this one huffs and puffs across the finish line. I was mainly interested in the Vanilla and Undone tracks, but Olotila rock and it was nice to hear an early-ish Deadbeat track (post of their 10" coming soon).

Get the two 7"s and Comp here

More Undone posts as I find more of their releases.

** Addendum- Mike of mighty Twisted Tracks posted the 12" and the "Reconstruction" comp!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Japanese Title

The Kaibousitsu LP is an impenetrable black box. Do not attempt to figure out its inner workings; just listen joyfully to Crow (of the bands Crow and Death Comes Along) wail and croon psychotically over energetically played, darkish punk/hardcore rhythms. The other aspects of the enigma that we do know: The band's name was also a song by The Stalin and has been translated variously as dissection room or autopsy suite, the LP was released on the mighty H:G Fact label (their website is screwy as of late), and it was sold in the US for a pricey sum and appears to be sold out everywhere. I was all set to rip this thing, but my klutz-ass dropped it, taking a decent sized chunk off the outer edge. I ripped it anyway and replaced the truncated tracks with ones I downloaded from a nice soulseeker. Apologies in advance for that inconsistency of quality and for the lack of song titles.

Kaiboushitsu LP

Check out this post on the band's 7"

Sunday, November 7, 2010

How to Lay Down

I'm sure you'd much rather have a full-length for your free download, but let's not forget the punkest format ever. Not to mention, a nice split 7" will introduce you to two bands, add focus to your musical life, and make you less lazy. While I can't guarantee that last bit, I can almost guarantee you'll dig at least one of these bands: Acts Of Sedition and/or Surrender. I fear these bands haven't gotten the attention they deserve outside of the Bay Area, and I was floored when I heard these two very different bands making equally powerful and meaningful music on one little disk. AOS was an instant hit for someone like me who was raised on Christ on Parade and Econochrist. Only one track is offered, but in no way is that unsatisfying. Recognizable as their hardcore is, their song writing somehow breathes something invigoratingly new to the field. The same can be said for Surrender, a self-proclaimed peace punk band. Added to the tropes inherent in that label is a bit of that post-whatever of bands like Spitboy and Witchknot. The politics is in your face; the drums are upbeat, while the guitars are spacious and unpredictably frisky at times. The end result leaves a similar impression as the whole record: fury and wildness held in mean check by an equal amount of intelligence.

Acts Of Sedition/Surrender split 7"

Find out about other AOS released and future collections here.

Find out about other Surrender releases and download them all here.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Song of the Week: "Images" (Complications)

I'm bringing back an old institution after a couple of weeks without any inspiration. This time my drooping antennae were compelled northward by the signal of an LP aged three years in the pipeline. Most descriptions of Montreal's Complications will start with the members' prior involvement in Born Dead Icons. An irresistible attention-grabber, no doubt, but inadequate for descriptive purposes. You might also see the Killing Joke reference, and here we start to unravel the secret. Whether you settle on post-punk, post-hardcore, dark punk, etc, Complications will likely mesmerize many listeners at first with the complex layering of their dark guitaristry, such as the amazing second riff in today's selection, "Images." Such shadowy music deserves a fitting vocalist, and here I think the band succeeds again. At the risk of completely missing the mark, I offer this: the creeky basement despair of Rozz, the rasp of Piciotto, the gravely hum of Stubbs. Despite the persistent gloom, there's odd warmth to the band's sound that isn't common among its tribe; this is due in part to the drums which in calmer instants lull and rock, but in fits of violence pulse and pump-- the former like a warm oatmeal stout by the fire on a moonless night; the latter a frantic chase through a tunnel whose end is a mere pin-point aperture. I thought I could kick the habit I had formed from listening to Zygote and Bad Influence, but it seems with bands like Complications and Cross Stitched Eyes around, there may be no end to it. "Images" from the self-titled LP by Complications (Feral Ward Records)