Thursday, November 11, 2010

Japanese Title

The Kaibousitsu LP is an impenetrable black box. Do not attempt to figure out its inner workings; just listen joyfully to Crow (of the bands Crow and Death Comes Along) wail and croon psychotically over energetically played, darkish punk/hardcore rhythms. The other aspects of the enigma that we do know: The band's name was also a song by The Stalin and has been translated variously as dissection room or autopsy suite, the LP was released on the mighty H:G Fact label (their website is screwy as of late), and it was sold in the US for a pricey sum and appears to be sold out everywhere. I was all set to rip this thing, but my klutz-ass dropped it, taking a decent sized chunk off the outer edge. I ripped it anyway and replaced the truncated tracks with ones I downloaded from a nice soulseeker. Apologies in advance for that inconsistency of quality and for the lack of song titles.

Kaiboushitsu LP

Check out this post on the band's 7"


Anonymous said...

really good album this good taste as usual

Batguano said...

Thanks dude!

Zachary said...

I ordered this from Hardcore Holocaust months ago, wrote them repeatedly and finally gave up. I'm glad I can finally listen to it. Thanks.

Batguano said...

Hey, no problem. Yeah, I think the HH sight has been neglected for like a year or so. I gave up too.