Sunday, November 7, 2010

How to Lay Down

I'm sure you'd much rather have a full-length for your free download, but let's not forget the punkest format ever. Not to mention, a nice split 7" will introduce you to two bands, add focus to your musical life, and make you less lazy. While I can't guarantee that last bit, I can almost guarantee you'll dig at least one of these bands: Acts Of Sedition and/or Surrender. I fear these bands haven't gotten the attention they deserve outside of the Bay Area, and I was floored when I heard these two very different bands making equally powerful and meaningful music on one little disk. AOS was an instant hit for someone like me who was raised on Christ on Parade and Econochrist. Only one track is offered, but in no way is that unsatisfying. Recognizable as their hardcore is, their song writing somehow breathes something invigoratingly new to the field. The same can be said for Surrender, a self-proclaimed peace punk band. Added to the tropes inherent in that label is a bit of that post-whatever of bands like Spitboy and Witchknot. The politics is in your face; the drums are upbeat, while the guitars are spacious and unpredictably frisky at times. The end result leaves a similar impression as the whole record: fury and wildness held in mean check by an equal amount of intelligence.

Acts Of Sedition/Surrender split 7"

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justin said...

Acts of Sedition is incredible man and anytime you reference Christ on Parade, I know we're in for some special. they do not disappoint. Even though I dig the peace punk thing, Surrender don't stand out (generic) and are taking a little more effort to get into. Thanx as always man, sorry I'm not taking the time to hit you up more often.

Batguano said...

Hey likewise dude. I haven't even been visiting my own blog much. Anyway, AOS is way up your alley. Happy you like. If they ever do a discography download, I'll send you the link. Bye for now.