Thursday, February 24, 2011

They'll Put the Kibosh on You

I've been too stressed and busy to post much lately, so for a while I'll stick to mostly 7"s . In between these you find some reviews of bands I've come to know and love since starting this blog who have just released some incredible new records; some of these downloads will be limited time only, so check in now and then. Today's featured band is from the good ol' nineties and is ideal for the stressed and pressed for time. Devola have a lot to say, but mince few words. They have a lot of songs, but waste little of your digital space. The CD and 7" linked below will run through you like a bad 25 minute bout with dysentery, and leave you nice and cleansed, if not a little exhausted. The 625 label on the 7" should give you a further idea of the speeds we're dealing with, but there's evidence that this band doesn't take itself quite as seriously as others in the PV crew (note the Cookie Monster-with-groin-injury vocals). The CD finds the band exploring more modern hardcore territory, but rest assured that there are still blast-beats aplenty, and that this development only made the band rock harder.
Devola "Playing the Game of Revenge and Winning Every Time" CD and "The Resuscitation" 7"

I hope to one day have the Devola/Murdock split to post, butI'm not there yet.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Bizarre and Fantasy

Acute is a contender for my favorite Japanese woman-fronted band since The Comes. Chairmaker sent me rips of this gorgeous 7" a while back, and I knew at once I would have to get a hardcopy. The band has somewhat "loungy" tendencies; I'm basing this mainly on the incredible layout, the flat notes on the more melodic vocals, and the otherwise out of place "outro." Be that as it may, 90% of this thing is runaway bullet train, blood sweat and mucus hardcore played fast and tight. If anyone knows where to get more material by this band, please comment before my ears bleed from looping these four songs.

Acute 7"

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Beast That Despair Feeds

Jobbykrust is the choral chant of thousands of smelly angry people, fed up with always being smelly and angry. Really they're a potent amalgam of all that was great about the hardcore coming out of Scotland and Ireland in the nineties: the unrelenting mucous flow of Pink Turds in Space, the common sense politics of Disaffect and Sedition, the fugitive taxonomy of Scatha, the tasteful, delicate flourishes of The Dagda. This band was simply incredible, and you might be able to get their entire discography here. But tonight I'm posting rips of their scorching split LP with Viktors Hofnarren (Switzerland?), a bunch of filthy, surly polyglots who rock a pretty straight forward form of political hardcore with the crusty edges still intact. Perhaps not as straight forward as Paragraf 119, but similar in their crudity and stool-loosening energy. For sure, a band to be blasted loudly, not dissected verbally.

Jobbykrust/Viktors Hofnarren Split LP