Saturday, September 21, 2013


From the evolutionary graph charted by Kort Prosess and Angst came what may be a climax in the incredible Jin'Rik'Sha.  Released on the cusp of the new millennium, the "End Present" 2x7" is four sagas that could be about any number of cynical matters, but to me represent the victorious cannon blast of these musicians reaching their peak, while also laying of the first brick of the road they hoped would guide us into the next decade.  The Norwegian palm-muted savagery rears its dragon head here and there, but really "End Present" sails headlong, and with frightening precision, into the misty waters of The Modern.  While I've read some comparisons to HHIG/Tragedy, I'm not wholly satisfied by those.  If forced to find an analogous contemporary, I would elect "Conquest:Writhe" or "In Coveting Ways" era Burst.  But all great records should stand alone, regardless of context, and this one turns out to be a true, towering beacon.  While the four tracks below are the band's only vinyl output, it wasn't completely the end for the members.  Read this old post from 7 Inch Crust for more info about Jin'Rik'Sha's legacy.

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Jin'Rik'Sha - "End Present" 2x7" (Heart First Records, 1999)

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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Disport Illusion

This Idora CD is for all those times when you can't decide if you're in the mood for Japanese hardcore or some psychedelic kookiness.  You know, all those times.  The CD format really gave these previously terse and abrupt rockers more room to spread their sound out, for better or for worse.  At times, I'll admit, I itch a little for the punk rock, two minutes-or less-rule (except on the appropriately titled "Absent Time," which takes up a whopping 9 minutes and still kicks ass!).  There are more shining moments than dull ones, so check this one out, scroll down for their split with Angst, and stay tuned for a couple of their early 7"-ers.

Idora CD (Rebelabel and Bloodsucker Records, 2000)

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Lack of Interest/Stapled Shut Split 7"