Saturday, September 1, 2012

Your Cheatin' Heart Will Tell on You

The sonic offenses that comprise Hanging Rotten's discography make an ideal score to the bipolar summer we've been having at this latitude.  The fruitful indecision that makes "Your Cheatin' Heart" both an unsung grind and sludge classic, seems to also lead us through disparate narratives of this summer's battles with nature: hurricanes and flash floods on side A; endless, lethargic days of oppressive heat on side B.  As mentioned before, HR was formed from members of Seven Foot Spleen, and the guitar sound proves it (although this time around they have production that makes your head feel like it's caving in).  To get the full experience, I'm including two other releases from the band: a CD they put out in Malaysia, and a split 7" with German grinders, Verge On Reason.  There are overlaps between all three, but I figured I should put it all out there anyway.

** Note: The last few posts have been re-upped at zippyshare.  If you want old rips re-upped, just let me know.  A few people have already gotten in touch about that... see below.

Hanging Rotten Releases.

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Big thanx for post, but link is dead. Re-upload, please!!!

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