Saturday, January 31, 2009

Gutter Songs For The Godless

I'm in a compilations-that-don't-blow kind of mood, so I've got a couple of good ones today. The bands mainly fall into the new old school category in case that's your thing. The connection between the two comps is the appearance of one of my faves, Out Cold, although both tracks posted here are NOT exclusives. The first, "Bands That Don't Give A Shit About Being God," was pretty limited, but still might be in print. I don't know, so check with the label. In addition to Out Cold, it showcases some of best Massachusetts has to offer, including another favorite, The Conversions. The rest of the bands kick ass as well, and range from old school hardcore, to poppy punk. All of 'em are good.

Tracks & Bands:

1. Out Cold- "Doomsday Guy"
2. Violent Nuns- "The CIA Is After Me"
3. Sgt. Slaughter- "Wildman"
4. Social Circkle"- Private World"
5. Witches With Dicks" - It's Not You, It's Me"
6. The Conversions- "Chosen Few"

Keep scrolling for D/L link

In the folder below you'll also find this impressive, slightly older comp put out by Kangaroo Records, "Songs From The Gutter." Once again there's an Out Cold track that appears on one of their albums, but it's one of my favorites, so you won't hear me complain. Other bands that may perk up your antennae would be Brother Inferior, Final Conflict, and Seein' Red. The other bands compliment the awesomeness nicely.

Tracks & Bands:

1. Brother Inferior- "Collective Conscience"

2. Out Cold- "No Solution"

3. Yawp!- Inhuman Attrocity"

4. Brezhnev- "District 72"

5. Final Conflict- "Abort"

6. Boils- "Anthem 4 This Generation"

7. Seein' Red- "Dream"

Both Comps Are Here

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Metrication Time

Have you heard The Conversions' full length, "Prisoners' Inventions"? I mean have you? That LP stormed the gates of my world and performed a six month sit-in on my turn table. I've been looking around for the band's other releases and finally found myself a copy of their 7"; it certainly doesn't disappoint. We get a smaller, rougher dram of their frantic, retrofitted punk angst-- a strangely organic junction of raw, old school defiance, and self-conscious, angular modernity. Somewhere out there, these Bostonians must be capturing the imaginations of some disenfranchised musical junkies; but strangely enough, I haven't heard or read very much about the band. Then again, lately I've been living a somewhat ascetic lifestyle in my cave constructed of vinyl, cardboard sleeves, and tattered, twice-read books, so what do I know? Anyway, see what you think...

The Conversions 7"

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Song Of The Week: "Oilocracy"

I hope you'll humor me once more with this final celebratory send-off post for the Bushocracy. The occasion also gives me an excuse to post an excellent track by one of the best contemporary hardcore bands in the world: To What End?. It's as if this band read my mind about what kind of elements I like in my hardcore before they wrote their songs. Of course that's not the case, but I feel like these are the songs the band I don't have should have written a long time ago. If you like your hardcore simple and crude, you may have some difficulty with the guitar melody that seeps through at times, and the dissonance that sneaks up behind you now and again to tickle the hairs on your neck. But, really, I can't see how anyone could not like this band! Lyrically, these Swedes also put many American bands to shame with some pretty insightful and poignant rants in both Swedish and English. "Oilocracy" is my favorite case in point, exposing the nerves of one the most ghastly paradoxes of warfare (especially the modern strain):

What was that?
What do I know?
Maybe a smartbomb
Missing its target
Killing a tall man
At a wedding

Thicker than blood
Darker than night
The purpose beyond
A reason to kill

To war again
In boots and hats
a crusading clown
Throwing burgers to corpses
Hollywood war
Entertaining death

(repeat chorus)

Bye darling, I'm off
Another day at work
Dropping bombs somewhere
Watch TV have a beer
Kissing wife at night
Killing kids, raising kids
All in one day

To What End? have released two full lengths, a 7", and a split 7" with Witch Hunt. "The Purpose Beyond" is slightly the better of the LPs, but what "Concealed Below The Surface" lacks in songwriting is made up for in heaviness. Great band; support them if you have the means.


Circulate The Pain

The Strange Ranger noticed that there aren't many (any?) high bit rate rips of "Wasted Dream" in circulation. Whether that's still true or not, someone's gonna need these tracks. I've made a series of rips from this cheap bootleg CD I found, and while I'm not sure how the quality of the CD compares to the original (since I obviously don't have it), check 'em out and maybe you'll like 'em. If you don't know Death Side, let your education begin with these tracks from the "Wasted Dream" LP (1989) and the "Satisfy The Instinct" 7" (1987). If you are familiar with Death Side, then you already know they were one the greatest hardcore bands in the history of great hardcore bands, and influenced half or all of the new bands you like (that is, if you believe hardcore lives on after '89). RIP Chelsea...

@ 320 Kbps:

"Wasted Dream" LP

"Satisfy The Instinct" 7"

@ 256 Kbps:

"Wasted Dream" & "Satisfy The Instinct"

Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Social Darwinism Of War?

The excitement of adding a new favorite band to my list continues with the "Weed & Seed" 7". Whipped is by no means a new band, but for me they are; and it was all made possible by the power of blogging! Brandon H. introduced me to them, and Shawn pointed out the greatness of this EP (thanks for offering to rip it, by the way!). I finally found a (much abused) copy of my own and ripped it for you all. This is possibly the best and fiercest of the band's releases. If you enjoy the snottiness and power of bands like Dirt, Lost World, and Harum Scarum, Whipped might be a new old favorite for you as well. The band mentions that these tracks are "old," and since they deal with George Bush the senior's foreign policy, I would date them around the time of the band's inception ('90 or '91?). The four tracks have a long release history, appearing first on some comps and demos before being compiled conveniently for us here. Some of the lyrics are a bit naive (see post title), but their intentions are good and crusty, and the music is action packed! Member's previous involvement in Aspirin Feast may or may not interest you; either way, enjoy these crackly punk rock rips:


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

We've (No Longer) Got Bush

Guarded relief. This was my reaction to the election of yet another Washington insider. I'll watch on with a reserved anticipation, but I've refused a ride on the bandwagon of hope and change. There's certainly one thing worth celebrating: the conclusion of one of the most embarrassing chapters in US history. I get a little smirky and giddy looking back at the "Mein Comp," 7". Ten new old school bands (you know what I mean) assembled for this cynical and playful anti-Bush collection. From the title, to the convertible stencil cover, to the CIA-styled, censored lyric sheet, this little record represents a forgotten time when people were genuinely pissed off about the actions of our fearless (brainless) leaders. It seems like for the last four years we've found ourselves in a stagnant state of dismal surrender, waiting for an expiration date while the rot spread openly and pervasively. So here we lay in a ditch dug by years of fear, reactionary zeal, and finally, baffled defeat. I want to say that we've learned our lesson from all this, but I know well enough how short-term our collective memory can be.

Bands and Tracks:

1. Knife Fight- "United We Stand"
2. Fourteen Or Fight- "Everything Is Not Alright"
3. Limpwrist- "A Letter To The President"
4. The Oath- "Bush Licked"
5. Punch In The Face - "We've Got Bush"
6. John Brown's Army- "Royal Mess"
7. Tear It Up- "Right Place, Right Time"
8. Gate Crashers- "Closets" *(Not sure this is really the title)
9. Reagan SS- "Merciful"
10. Last In Line- "Bomb Blast"


Monday, January 19, 2009

Song Of The Week: "The Trail" (Three Mile Pilot)

This song of the week arrives a little bit late. I'm probably the only one who noticed, but since I started doing this as a way to be consistent I feel like an explanation is due. Last night, I was fortunate enough to witness the long-awaited return of possibly the best band San Diego ever produced-- Three Mile Pilot. I furthermore have no Internet connection in my house for time being. So I sit here in public, stealing some one's WiFi connection, and the choice for the week seems all too obvious. The band didn't play any tracks from their singles, sadly, so I've chosen "The Trail" to compensate. On few other tracks is the dimly lit corridor to Three Mile Pilot's world more accessibly and alluringly rendered. I can't imagine that too many of the visitors to this blog will find this form of rock appealing at first. Start with the bass work. 3MP features the most talented bassist I've ever had the pleasure of seeing perform (I've seen him with Pinback, but it just wasn't the same...). Then, follow their fragmented and enigmatic narrative into parts of the human psyche for which you've previously never known entry points.

"The Trail"

I recommend everything the band did, other than their first album. The material they played from their upcoming record was a little disappointing, but it had its moments.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Burning Sensation

Mr. Lo-Res Viscera put out an alert for more Selfish releases, so I figured I'd post my rips of their "Burning Sensation" 12" (Witch Hunt/Feral Ward/Tragedy Records, 2001(?)). What the band offers here is 9 1/2 round-houses of Burning Spirits riffs, hair-flying guitar solos, constipated Systematic Death vocals, Sugi artwork... all polished up with occasional guitar melody and a loud as fuck recording. And it's served up by the best Japanese hardcore band to ever come out of Punkaharju, Finland.

Get it.

H:G Fact put out the CD, but since I don't have it, I ripped the wax at 320. You can get a copy for dirt cheap here.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Saving Us From The Abyss Of Forgetfulness: Dir Yassin

How's about a timely and topical post on this oddly hot January morning (down here at least)?! In the Mediterranean region, I bet they're having similar weather. But while some of us are losing jobs and tightening our budgets, there's some serious shit going in that boiling crucible of the Middle East. Hence today's pick, Dir Yassin. For the five or six of you who don't know, DY was an anarchist hardcore band from Israel whose method certainly abides by the shorter-and-faster-is-better theory. Punk, fastcore, old school hardcore, modern touches of dissonance (on later tracks).... it's all here. Born Against meets Seein' Red? Okay, I'll go with that. But I think the band is more concerned with words than music. This "Discography" LP (Alerta Antifascista/Tofu Guerrilla Recs) is beautifully packaged in a gatefold sleeve and includes an attached, full-size booklet with lyrics (in English and Hebrew) and other writings. The primary concerns of the band are pointing out the imperial arrogance of the Zionist state, and achieving justice for the Palestinian people. They don't offer too much in the way of a solution to the last problem, nor do they discuss their views about "militant" groups like Hamas. But, hey, a burden of such enormity shouldn't fall on the shoulders of Dir Yassin anyway. I've done my best to reproduce the booklet in photo form in the folder below. There are some other interesting discussions as well, including one about whether or not western nations should impose "democracy" and their version of human rights on non-western ones. Yeah, it's heavy stuff for the weekend, but we can't be ostriches all the time here in the USA; especially since our tax dollars make up a huge portion of Israel's military budget.

Peace in the Middle East. (The 46 track Discography ripped at 256 w/booklet)

According to Alerta Antifascista Records, this is out of print; if you like it, I highly recommend getting the vinyl. I'm sure a bunch of distros have a straggler or two.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Louder Than Four Walls

If members of His Hero Is Gone, Slayer, Uranus, and Suicide Nation vacationed in the same Canadian ski lodge and were trapped in by an avalanche for 12 or so hours, they may have produced something like The Black Hand's demo, "Pulling Your Strings." The band itself has nothing to do with the others mentioned, but is related to Ire and Cobra Noir. Dig hard enough and you'll find a composite of all kinds of metal (namely, thrash, black, and speed metal), and various forms of modern hardcore and crust. But you won't have to dig too far to know that these guys are proficient as heck with their instruments and can write incredible songs. Hell, just listen to "Disburden" and I can almost guarantee you'll be hooked. Scorched Earth Policy Records re-issued these four tracks on a 10", which is what I've ripped for you tonight. Before closing shop, The BH also fired out an incendiary LP and one comp track that I know of. I still think these four tracks are my favorites:


Sunday, January 11, 2009

Song Of The Week: "Begin To Breathe" (Initial State)

I was on the bike, waiting at a signal last Sunday afternoon. The track list on the pod was finished, the light was changing; I had to choose a band quick. The reflexes didn't delay or fail me: "Abort The Soul" by Initial State it would be. And, for the hundredth or so time, I came to the same conclusion-- this has got to be one of the all time most powerful hardcore records! I've never pedaled so hard and furious in my whole life!

If you've had a chance to skim around this sight, it isn't surprising that Initial State shaped my musical expectations for the last 13 or so years. The band was basically Antischism after years of having endured a few beatings from life and getting their hides toughened and thickened in the process. The result was a name change and an album of such dread-inspiring conviction and power, that the band probably figured it would be pointless to try to match it with a follow-up (just a theory). I could let the adjectives pile up: urgent, bleak, noisy, heavy, fast... they all apply to Initial State, yet none of them are quite adequate. To sum up the desperate mission of the band, I offer my favorite track, "Begin To Breathe." It also illustrates the band's ideas about humanity's future. While I don't quite subscribe to their primitivist bent, during the time that this song arrests me in its clutches, I'll practically believe anything they tell me!


This is easily an album worth owning, so fork over some coins to Prank Records or your favorite distro and get a copy. I've owned 4 myself over the years: The original pressing on Clearview Records, The Prank CD (sat on/broke it), the Prank LP first edition (Clearview sleeves with electric tape cleverly covering the old address/clear vinyl), and the more current LP (sold it after finding the former item in the list for cheap). So, yes, I think I'm obsessed with this album! Members are/were involved in notable bands like, Chronicle A/D, Institute, Guyana Punchline, etc.

Earth Muthaz

Let's stop the gloom and doom for a quick moment to have some good wholesome fun! Don't The Gaia folks look like the kind of people you'd want to hang out with? Too bad you can't. The next best thing is to rock out to this high-energy 7" they put out in the mid nineties ("No. 1", Six Weeks Records). Don't worry, there are plenty of fast hardcore beats and riffs, and Gäna's vocals, from her deep from the diaphragm wails, to her warrior princess screams, may become your favorites of all time. Then you got the "gang" or "crew" style backup vocals, which for some reason sound better when done by women. These ladies add fun and rock 'n Roll to their hardcore in a way that doesn't seem forced. For a great way to start your Sunday...

Click here.

Repost Alert!!!

So it's back to the doom and gloom again. I've been wanting to re-rip and post Sink's "Sad But True" 7" for a while, and this seems like a great place to drop it. It's from the same era and country as Gaia, but it's non-stop menacing crust you'll receive from these pissed off women. Now you get it at 320 kbps, so you can enjoy the filthy crustiness in higher fidelity! The EP was originally released on MCR Records, but I ordered it many years ago from Sound Pollution, which unfortunately is closing its doors. It's the end of an era, but hopefully Ken Pollution will enjoy the time freed up by his retirement from record producing.

"Sad But True" @ 320

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Bombing The Pulpit

I'm gonna make this quick and terse, like the music. Repercussions is a hardcore band. All the things that never get old about hardcore can be found in the grooves of twelvers like this one. Members may hold kinship with Signal Lost, Deathreat and Cold World, but what should matter is that it cranks rough and gritty all on its own. I'll go ahead file this under raging-bullcrap-free-listening-experiences.


Monday, January 5, 2009

The 411 On The 403

Coming out of Florida, the "403 Comp" plays like a No Idea sampler. This translates to lots of variety, and intermittent sparks of brilliance. Some great indie/hardcore-type bands like Strikeforce Diablo and Twelve Hour Turn share some impressive material, as do reliable heavy weights like Cavity, Reversal Of Man, and Scrotum Grinder (Oh, and I can't forget the mighty Jud Jud!). There's also the usual sappy emo shite to skip through, which makes me happy this was on CD. But I know what you're looking at... you're wondering if you've heard that Assück track before. It appeared on one other comp that I know of, but on neither of the band's CDs. If you're an Assück fan, you shouldn't have to wonder if it's any good; but just so you know, it totally smokes!


1. Reversal Of Man- "These Hills Have Eyes"
2. Tomorrow- "rightasrain"
3. Assück- "Alabaster"
4. Strikeforce Diablo- "Spirit Of '59"
5. Hot Water Music- "Where We Belong"
6. combatwoundedveteran- "Put Your Weight On It"
7. Cavity- "The Oblivionist"
8. Omega Man- "Life After Death"
9. nineteenhundredandtwelve- "Six Feet Deep"
10. Early Grace- "twothousandandtwenty"
11. Discount- "History Is History"
12. Dragbody- "Inhuman Likeness"
13. Twelve Hour Turn- "Little One"
14. Cease.- Insurmountable"
15. Hankshaw- "Maple"
16. Bird Of Ill Omen- "Sharpshooter"
17. i hate myself- "Caught In A Flood With The Captain Of The Cheerleading Squad"
18. Scrotum Grinder- "Hot Air Not Fire"
19. Jud Jud- "Wah Wah Song"

Listen here

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Song Of The Week: "Roses" (Sheer Terror)

Leave it up to me to darken your gala entry into the new year. Sorry, but this SOTW has caught me on my last day of vacation. There'll be no traipsing through daisy fields, for the band of the week is Sheer Terror, and the flower of choice is the rose in all of its thorny and funereal glory. "Roses" is kind of an odd song in that Paul Bearer's vocals don't break into the 2-packs-a-day snarling that epitomizes ST's sound. Instead he keeps the pseudo-operatic thing going all the way through, which only makes the song feel sadder. It'll take some getting used to. In "Roses" there's mention children's games and the subsequent tears they bring to the narrator, death, regret, idleness, depression, and a metaphor of the world as a stumbling drunkard. Kick your shoes off, it's time to come inside... the world of Paul Bearer.

It's been a wonderful year for the ....


Friday, January 2, 2009

The Beginning Or The End: Contrast Attitude & Acrostix

Split week concludes today with a nice 12" (Crust War, 2004) slab of modern Japanese crust! Both bands are rather different in style, but complement each other nicely. We are first worked over by the distortion suffused thrash ambush of Contrast Attitude. One could say that they sound like a noisier AGE, or a cleaner Disclose, but to me they're just an awesome hardcore band! The hints of discord and tight/energetic drumming really make this band stand out from the faceless crowd, as do the sincerely pissed-off vocals. Yep, this is how it's done.

I can anticipate some... "contrasting attitudes" regarding Acrostix. The three tracks herein come from the days right after or before the "Amebix Japan" comp, and, well, these dudes display their Amebix patch prominently on their torn and frayed sleeves (so to speak). A fan could say that Acrostix pays homage to or celebrates Amebix's style or influence; critics may quip that they brazenly plagiarize to mask a lack of creativity. Let's just say for now that they "appropriate" generously and audaciously from the venerated crust legends, a like scenario of which hasn't been witnessed since the Zoe LP. When you listen to the tracks, the musical shop-lifting will be all too noticeable, but as a preview... the tracks are called "Awave!" (?), "The Biginning (sic) Or The End," and "Eternal Winter," and the members of the band consist of Sin The Baron and Spider77 among others. I was happy to see that Acrostix did find some originality recently as can be heard on their 7" and LP (which of course I recommend). The tracks posted below create a problematic, if slightly awkward listening experience; the main problem ironically being that it's hard not to love it.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Pride From The Depths: Orchid & Pig Destroyer

I'm a little under-motivated and hung over, but I said this would be a week of splits so, damn it, I'm seeing it through to the end! I'll make this quick since both Orchid and Pig Destroyer don't require too much of a jaw-wagging intro, and these tracks can be purchased in CD from here and here. I believe this was the first vinyl output by either of these bands; you get three tracks from the Massachusetts chaos hustlers, and eight from the mighty post-Enemy Soil/Anal Cunt grind machine from when one Scott Evans was still on drums. "Scans" and such are included.

And, whether this is a significant day for you or just another square on the calendar... happy New Year to you anyway!