Thursday, January 8, 2009

Bombing The Pulpit

I'm gonna make this quick and terse, like the music. Repercussions is a hardcore band. All the things that never get old about hardcore can be found in the grooves of twelvers like this one. Members may hold kinship with Signal Lost, Deathreat and Cold World, but what should matter is that it cranks rough and gritty all on its own. I'll go ahead file this under raging-bullcrap-free-listening-experiences.



chrisapproach said...

woah nice little fucker here!
do you know where to get this 7"?
i like what i hear.

Batguano said...

Hey Chris,

It's actually a 12"! I'm afraid it might be hard to find; if I remember what I read correctly, it was a one-time pressing of 500 (as usual, don't quote me on that!). It was released by 540 Records out of Austin, Texas. I did a search and found a copy in an American distro (shipping will be $$$):

The band's 7" on Feral Ward Records is awesome too!

Anonymous said...

sometimes the simple things in life(and hardcore)are the best.this 12" proves it.

chrisapproach said...

hey batguano,

thx for the search but i found both 7" and 12" in a german distro too.
great great great!

Honquijote said...

Excellent shite - me like it!
Thanks a lot for sharing this... :)