Sunday, January 18, 2009

Burning Sensation

Mr. Lo-Res Viscera put out an alert for more Selfish releases, so I figured I'd post my rips of their "Burning Sensation" 12" (Witch Hunt/Feral Ward/Tragedy Records, 2001(?)). What the band offers here is 9 1/2 round-houses of Burning Spirits riffs, hair-flying guitar solos, constipated Systematic Death vocals, Sugi artwork... all polished up with occasional guitar melody and a loud as fuck recording. And it's served up by the best Japanese hardcore band to ever come out of Punkaharju, Finland.

Get it.

H:G Fact put out the CD, but since I don't have it, I ripped the wax at 320. You can get a copy for dirt cheap here.


Chairmaker said...

Selfish are great. I liked the direction they went on 'cause pain' a lot- I hope they get around to releasing something else.

mikxxx said...

Once more i have so time to waste...
so i was fooling around and reading your blog and found this selfish post.
Fuck, everytime i listen "how you gonna reach the end" i want to headbang so fucking hard...Great band with some guys playing for finland's greats KIELTOLAKI (check'em out )
and as a good friend says about selfish "Filled with pure hardcore rocking fury, japanese warcries and epic (not the worn out crusty epicness) guitar leads, this record is going to be your daily soundtrack for the moody mornings, as well as the long party nights...Seriously this record packs my day with the nerve and eye sparkle I need to get up and do stuff."
i got to check h100 nontheless...