Thursday, January 1, 2009

Pride From The Depths: Orchid & Pig Destroyer

I'm a little under-motivated and hung over, but I said this would be a week of splits so, damn it, I'm seeing it through to the end! I'll make this quick since both Orchid and Pig Destroyer don't require too much of a jaw-wagging intro, and these tracks can be purchased in CD from here and here. I believe this was the first vinyl output by either of these bands; you get three tracks from the Massachusetts chaos hustlers, and eight from the mighty post-Enemy Soil/Anal Cunt grind machine from when one Scott Evans was still on drums. "Scans" and such are included.

And, whether this is a significant day for you or just another square on the calendar... happy New Year to you anyway!


RyGar said...

One of my favorite bands, and the only band whose logo is tattooed on my body, is the Locust. When people find this out, they often list off a bunch of other bands that I may like, usually a side project of the Locust, but Orchid is almost always mentioned. I've only given them one chance, and wasn't very impressed, but I trust your tastes enough to give them another shot. Pig Destroyer seems to be all over the blogs these days, so I guess it's about time I listened to them, too. Thanks.

yrfkt said...

I wish I didn't have these tracks already! The first time I heard both of these bands I had that, "This is it," moment and both have been among my all-time favorites ever since.

RyGar said...

Orchid is better than I remembered. I think it was just the context, looking for a comparison to a band that they sound nothing like. Good songs, new enough sounding, w/o the shitty emo tinge that infects most current releases.