Saturday, January 31, 2009

Gutter Songs For The Godless

I'm in a compilations-that-don't-blow kind of mood, so I've got a couple of good ones today. The bands mainly fall into the new old school category in case that's your thing. The connection between the two comps is the appearance of one of my faves, Out Cold, although both tracks posted here are NOT exclusives. The first, "Bands That Don't Give A Shit About Being God," was pretty limited, but still might be in print. I don't know, so check with the label. In addition to Out Cold, it showcases some of best Massachusetts has to offer, including another favorite, The Conversions. The rest of the bands kick ass as well, and range from old school hardcore, to poppy punk. All of 'em are good.

Tracks & Bands:

1. Out Cold- "Doomsday Guy"
2. Violent Nuns- "The CIA Is After Me"
3. Sgt. Slaughter- "Wildman"
4. Social Circkle"- Private World"
5. Witches With Dicks" - It's Not You, It's Me"
6. The Conversions- "Chosen Few"

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In the folder below you'll also find this impressive, slightly older comp put out by Kangaroo Records, "Songs From The Gutter." Once again there's an Out Cold track that appears on one of their albums, but it's one of my favorites, so you won't hear me complain. Other bands that may perk up your antennae would be Brother Inferior, Final Conflict, and Seein' Red. The other bands compliment the awesomeness nicely.

Tracks & Bands:

1. Brother Inferior- "Collective Conscience"

2. Out Cold- "No Solution"

3. Yawp!- Inhuman Attrocity"

4. Brezhnev- "District 72"

5. Final Conflict- "Abort"

6. Boils- "Anthem 4 This Generation"

7. Seein' Red- "Dream"

Both Comps Are Here

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