Monday, January 5, 2009

The 411 On The 403

Coming out of Florida, the "403 Comp" plays like a No Idea sampler. This translates to lots of variety, and intermittent sparks of brilliance. Some great indie/hardcore-type bands like Strikeforce Diablo and Twelve Hour Turn share some impressive material, as do reliable heavy weights like Cavity, Reversal Of Man, and Scrotum Grinder (Oh, and I can't forget the mighty Jud Jud!). There's also the usual sappy emo shite to skip through, which makes me happy this was on CD. But I know what you're looking at... you're wondering if you've heard that Assück track before. It appeared on one other comp that I know of, but on neither of the band's CDs. If you're an Assück fan, you shouldn't have to wonder if it's any good; but just so you know, it totally smokes!


1. Reversal Of Man- "These Hills Have Eyes"
2. Tomorrow- "rightasrain"
3. Assück- "Alabaster"
4. Strikeforce Diablo- "Spirit Of '59"
5. Hot Water Music- "Where We Belong"
6. combatwoundedveteran- "Put Your Weight On It"
7. Cavity- "The Oblivionist"
8. Omega Man- "Life After Death"
9. nineteenhundredandtwelve- "Six Feet Deep"
10. Early Grace- "twothousandandtwenty"
11. Discount- "History Is History"
12. Dragbody- "Inhuman Likeness"
13. Twelve Hour Turn- "Little One"
14. Cease.- Insurmountable"
15. Hankshaw- "Maple"
16. Bird Of Ill Omen- "Sharpshooter"
17. i hate myself- "Caught In A Flood With The Captain Of The Cheerleading Squad"
18. Scrotum Grinder- "Hot Air Not Fire"
19. Jud Jud- "Wah Wah Song"

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Anonymous said...

I got my copy from the band ASSUCK from their distro box at a Gilman good comp....Jud Jud Jud.....Jud Jud.....hahahaha!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the Assück track on this!!

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