Wednesday, January 21, 2009

We've (No Longer) Got Bush

Guarded relief. This was my reaction to the election of yet another Washington insider. I'll watch on with a reserved anticipation, but I've refused a ride on the bandwagon of hope and change. There's certainly one thing worth celebrating: the conclusion of one of the most embarrassing chapters in US history. I get a little smirky and giddy looking back at the "Mein Comp," 7". Ten new old school bands (you know what I mean) assembled for this cynical and playful anti-Bush collection. From the title, to the convertible stencil cover, to the CIA-styled, censored lyric sheet, this little record represents a forgotten time when people were genuinely pissed off about the actions of our fearless (brainless) leaders. It seems like for the last four years we've found ourselves in a stagnant state of dismal surrender, waiting for an expiration date while the rot spread openly and pervasively. So here we lay in a ditch dug by years of fear, reactionary zeal, and finally, baffled defeat. I want to say that we've learned our lesson from all this, but I know well enough how short-term our collective memory can be.

Bands and Tracks:

1. Knife Fight- "United We Stand"
2. Fourteen Or Fight- "Everything Is Not Alright"
3. Limpwrist- "A Letter To The President"
4. The Oath- "Bush Licked"
5. Punch In The Face - "We've Got Bush"
6. John Brown's Army- "Royal Mess"
7. Tear It Up- "Right Place, Right Time"
8. Gate Crashers- "Closets" *(Not sure this is really the title)
9. Reagan SS- "Merciful"
10. Last In Line- "Bomb Blast"



Chairmaker said...

I thought the end of Bush would make me far happier than it has.

"It seems like for the last four years we've found ourselves in a stagnant state of dismal surrender"

It's because of the 2004 elections: they were crushing.
I was pissed from 2001-2004. After 2004, at a time which they really should have known better a majority of Americans chose the fucker again, I started to just feel tired. It was already very clear (since well before the invasion IMO) that Iraq was a crock of shit and that the government was corrupt and incompetent, but fear and jingoism and know-nothing ignorance carried the day, and Bush went on to serve out the maximum term- people turned against him too fucking late- thanks idiots! Though to be fair most of the damage was already done by 2004.

Anyway, Obama is at the least a intelligent guy (makes for a change) and seems honest as mainline politicians go, so I'm trying to feel the hope...

RyGar said...

Excellent post. What do you teach again? I'm guessing English, since you seem to have a firm handle of the language. I'm hoping to teach highschool English, but I'm looking at five or so years until I can get my single subject teaching cred. Anyways, very nice summary of what has to be the most disappointing eight years of United States Government puppetry.

Is "The Oath" on this comp, "Das Oath" w/ Mark McCoy? Haven't listened to it yet. The other name I recognize would be Punch in the Face, who are pretty decent. Thanks as always.

Batguano said...

Chairmaker- I'm scraping for the hope too. Obama is several notches higher in all categories than his predecessor, but it's in my nature to be skeptical...

Ry- Yep, English (to 8th graders). The English major is good times, but when the credential program comes around, make sure you have nothing else going on in your life. It's super draining....

And, yes, it is the same Oath. I'm surprised you don't know Limp Wrist. They made some noise when they, ahem, came out a few years ago. Mainly because the singer was in Los Crudos, and LW sound a lot like them.

So, yeah, thanks for the nice comment and enjoy the rock!

Anonymous said...

i wonder what the HC/grindcore bands will sing about now?

thanks for the compilation.