Sunday, January 25, 2009

Circulate The Pain

The Strange Ranger noticed that there aren't many (any?) high bit rate rips of "Wasted Dream" in circulation. Whether that's still true or not, someone's gonna need these tracks. I've made a series of rips from this cheap bootleg CD I found, and while I'm not sure how the quality of the CD compares to the original (since I obviously don't have it), check 'em out and maybe you'll like 'em. If you don't know Death Side, let your education begin with these tracks from the "Wasted Dream" LP (1989) and the "Satisfy The Instinct" 7" (1987). If you are familiar with Death Side, then you already know they were one the greatest hardcore bands in the history of great hardcore bands, and influenced half or all of the new bands you like (that is, if you believe hardcore lives on after '89). RIP Chelsea...

@ 320 Kbps:

"Wasted Dream" LP

"Satisfy The Instinct" 7"

@ 256 Kbps:

"Wasted Dream" & "Satisfy The Instinct"


Anonymous said...

i already have "satisfy the instinct" 7" and really wanted to hear more from this great your post definitely fills this gap.thank you once again Batguano.

Strange Ranger said...

Thank you so much for sharing this. I really dig this album. Your rip definitely sounds better than the one I've been listening to. I have managed to track down a 320 rip of the double CD "The Will Never Die". It's pretty hard to find these days and it's fucking awesome. It compiles all the EPs, splits and comp tracks by Death Side. Let me know if you're interested and I'll upload.

Batguano said...

Yo, SR... Happy to help out. And, yes, the mp3s I have for the collection you speak of are of rather low quality. If you upload those tracks, I'll be super grateful!

Strange Ranger said...

Hey Batguano. Here it is buddy. Hope megaupload is okay with you.

Batguano said...

All free music is okay with me... no matter where it's uploaded.

Man, these rips sound incredible! And such a monumental collection to boot... a million thanks in your direction, dude!