Sunday, January 11, 2009

Earth Muthaz

Let's stop the gloom and doom for a quick moment to have some good wholesome fun! Don't The Gaia folks look like the kind of people you'd want to hang out with? Too bad you can't. The next best thing is to rock out to this high-energy 7" they put out in the mid nineties ("No. 1", Six Weeks Records). Don't worry, there are plenty of fast hardcore beats and riffs, and Gäna's vocals, from her deep from the diaphragm wails, to her warrior princess screams, may become your favorites of all time. Then you got the "gang" or "crew" style backup vocals, which for some reason sound better when done by women. These ladies add fun and rock 'n Roll to their hardcore in a way that doesn't seem forced. For a great way to start your Sunday...

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Repost Alert!!!

So it's back to the doom and gloom again. I've been wanting to re-rip and post Sink's "Sad But True" 7" for a while, and this seems like a great place to drop it. It's from the same era and country as Gaia, but it's non-stop menacing crust you'll receive from these pissed off women. Now you get it at 320 kbps, so you can enjoy the filthy crustiness in higher fidelity! The EP was originally released on MCR Records, but I ordered it many years ago from Sound Pollution, which unfortunately is closing its doors. It's the end of an era, but hopefully Ken Pollution will enjoy the time freed up by his retirement from record producing.

"Sad But True" @ 320


RyGar said...

Ahhh, you know I love the female fronted HC/Crust. And, really, you're onto something: music can be fun! Remember going to shows and moshing out all of your anxieties, leaving soaked in beer and sweat (not all of it your own)? These days everyone seems to be standing still. What's up with the dirty looks? Like, I'm so sorry for ruining your enjoyment of the fine, raging hardcore on the stage, sir. Fuck! Sometimes, the all ages shows are the best bet, there's still a ton of pissed off teenagers, ready to slam into each other like a bunch of idiots. Did Ian and Fugazi forever rid the world of slam dancing? Why do all the shows look like fashion shoots for Vice Magazine? Why the fuck are people wearing their Wayfairers in a dark club? Gimme action!

Batguano said...

Yeah, I've had that reaction lately too. You're met with either a wax museum, or the floor is taken over by 2 or 3 fat thugs who don't know their own weight. I think the bands could help out with the fun factor too. Although not too much of a fan, I saw Mouth Sewn Shut recently; the singer took a few moments to talk the audience and came across as a genuinely good guy. He had a rapport with the crowd, and they went nuts and had a good time.

I'm not saying the "message" in the songs isn't serious; but it's a show, let loose for fucksake!

Anyway, thanks for the comments as always. Happy New Year and all that kind of stuff!

Anonymous said...

wow! the Gaia small record = sweet memory to me. i have the record from the mid 90s, your post is a reminder, thanx! gotta spin that wax :D

if you care, check this out,

Batguano said...

Anonymous- Yes, it's a classic record! Thanks for the link. I assume that's your band? You guys shred!

RyGar said...

I have mixed feelings as far as whether or not music can be used as an impetus for social change. I believe that intelligent, thought provoking lyrics can definitely lead a person to re-evaluate their beliefs and affect their actions, no doubt. But, like you said, "it's a show", have some fucking fun! Capitalism isn't going to crumble in the three hours or so that a show lasts, it's what happens outside the venue. I get irritated with some bands lengthy, preachy stage banter for this reason, too. Put the message in the music, or include lengthy liner notes, but don't lecture me at a show, please. Let's just enjoy the fact that we are in a room with people that also appreciate these cacophonous sounds, and let go of the seriousness and grief that we are confronted with daily. Just a rant, sorry.