Saturday, May 24, 2008

Part 3: Lack of Interest & Stapled Shut

Finally, we have this split between two fast LA area bands. Lack of Interest drop an impressive set list of Negative Approach-styled hardcore that is tempered by the band's proximity to Burbank (Infest). Good stuff-- I'd say some of their best!

Stapled Shut are the LA area's compilation darlings. Here they get to shine with a full six tracks of their stoned-out, fuzzed-out thrash. The extremely fuzzy, yet warm sounding distortion is the standout quality here, as is the fast d-beat drumming (which occasionally lapses into a blast-beating). The songs are simple, but somehow keep your attention (the short song lengths help, too). I have another EP from these guys somewhere, so let me know if you want me to post it.


Anonymous said...

Hey thanx for this one. interesting thing is that I went to jr and senior high in Burbank and went to school with Bob the drummer of LOI. I hadn't talked to him in almost twenty years but because of some research i did for my blog I got back in touch with him. We used to listen to the precursors of this kind of stuff back in themid 80's. Cool guy. Thanx for putting this one out there sir.

BB90 said...