Monday, January 28, 2008

Filthkick 7"

Filthkick's notoriety is mainly derived from their split LP with ENT. Perhaps lesser known is their "Hand Crushed Heart" 7" (Desperate Attempt Records, 1993) which came out of nowhere and introduced (and concluded) an entirely new approach for the band. Instead of the ripping UK thrash of previous efforts, Filthkick hit the brakes a little and morphed into a sludgy metal outfit. The riffs are simple, burly, and hypnotic, adding credence to the subtle dementedness of the vocals. Said vocals, which consist of spoken/chanted phrases (provided by Leggo of Deviated Instinct fame) will definitely be a point of contention here with many listeners. Many will probably conclude that they don't quite match the dark gravity of the music. When I hear music like this, I usually expect hoarse screams or grunts, but, after many listens, I have come to see the twisted logic connecting the two disparate entities. Let me know what you think about this one! And, once again, sorry about the pops and crackles... this is fairly old and much abused wax I'm ripping.

Filthkick "Hand Crushed Heart"


Anonymous said...

Any chance of re-upload? I think this is a hard to find release.

Batguano said...

It is done. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

hello,can you repost this :( ?
thanks. cher'oo