Saturday, February 2, 2008

Waifle 10"

Waifle's LP "The Music Stops, The Man Dies" was a screamy, at times pretentious, outpouring of emotion. I admired the effort and heart the band put into it (the layout/packaging is amazing!), but the resulting tracks left me unmoved. Somewhere between that record and their "And the Blood Will Come Down Like a Curtain" 10" (Magister Ludi Recordings, 2000), something happened. It's as though the rough terrain of life was beginning to callous the skin of these young dreamers, and it became time to find a way to express their newfound burden of bitterness and despair. In finding their new skin, Waifle shed their need to be so obvious and preachy (no more of those self-righteous spoken parts), and opted for a much more despondent range of tones in their music. This a heavy record (which cannot be said about their earlier work) in the manner of both Policy of Three-type hardcore, as well as Acme/Systral-style metal, and when it comes to emotional power, these four songs are resplendent.

Much of Waifle's output is still available for very reasonable prices (see below). However, the insert for my copy of the 10" requests the bearer to make a tape of it for a friend, so I am posting rips from the vinyl. If you like it, though, the band is selling the CD for only four bucks and one distro still has copies of the 10".

Buy the CD here or here
Buy the 10" here


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