Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Holy Mountain/Deathcycle Split 5"

I haven't posted a new record in a while, and the Holy Mountain/Deathcycle split (Gloom Records, 2007) seemed like the right one to correct the situation. These bands are among the finest in contemporary American hardcore. Since first hearing "Entrails," I have often felt that The Holy Mountain don't get enough recognition for being one of the most impressive disciples of the dark and heavy sect of the Swedish style (the faction often compared to Tragedy...). I was similarly impressed by Deathcycle's debut LP, with its burly mixture of modern NY hardcore and thrash, and was excited to hear about this release. Each band drops one track here of demo-quality noise and destruction. Neither band is in its top form, but still, as mentioned before, these are excellent bands and this is a must-hear (check out records mentioned above if you get a chance). The 5" was released in a ridiculously small pressing (425... due to the expensive production costs), and are most likely gone by the time you read this (although you may still find one here and here). Sadly, The Holy Mountain disbanded last summer, but Deathcycle are still going strong.

The split (should be a pretty quick download)

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