Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sink "Sad But True" 7"

"Sad But True" is a 5 song seven inch created by four angry young Japanese women who went by the name of Sink (MCR Company, 1995). The band stays fairly true to their country's punk roots, cranking out noisy and rather crusty hardcore that is as powerful as it is simple and raw. The vocals are gruff and agonized, and bring to mind the more gutteral grunts of Damad or Society Gang Rape. As should be anticipated from most Japanese records of this era, the insert supplies the listener with "Engrish" lyrics that waver between terribly charming and charmingly terrible. Overall, this is a really nice EP, and probably the only recording the band left behind (or is it?)

"Sad But True"


Icky said...

Been enjoying this one all week, thanks!

dhd said...

There was also a split 7" with Hellnation which is pretty crucial (like, duh, since it has Hellnation on it, even if Sink weren't any good...) that came out on Sound Pollution. Not sure of its in-print status.

Currently my record player is down for the count, or I'd rip it and post it.

Batguano said...

Yeah, shortly after posting this one, I discovered the split on ebay or some shit. I guess I missed out on that! I'll put it on my list of things-I-one-day-hope-to-find-in-a-used-bin-for-two-bucks.