Saturday, January 12, 2008

.... to show how much you meant

Okay, here it is. While all the kids were chuckling it up to Spazz records, this little EP, much to the chagrin of my roommates, was a permanent fixture on my turntable (all right, so I was listening to a lot of Spazz, too...). This is Slap-A-Ham Records #26, and one of my favorite recs. that label ever belched forth. Suppression offer nothing new in comparison to the last record posted, which is a good thing. It's just more bass and noise obsessed grindcore delivered with vein-popping anger. Very therapeutic. Despise You were one of the greatest beasts whelped from the California "powerviolence" catastrophe. The distortion and drum production is enough to suffocate the heartiest grind freaks, but Alex and Leticia's vocals keep the overall sound within the boundaries of hardcore. The performance is tight and fierce, and I am convinced that this is the best collection of songs this band produced so far. That's right, I was elated to find out that the band is now/still active, if only at a moderate level (and they're actually playing shows which are advertised to the public!). Their amazing discography is available for purchase at their myspace site, as well as some other merch. Here are the rips from my warped old copy of the 7", but below are some links to CDs with more songs and better quality (support the bands!).
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