Sunday, April 5, 2009

Dragged To Hell By Angels

I feel almost guilty disseminating Depressor's arcane "Book Of The Dead." But, hey, it's too amazing to be secretly fondled by the mere 666 of us who managed to get our nerdy mitts on a copy. This double 7" easily has the most astoundingly awesome packaging of any record or CD I own. From the black and silver type and drawings of the main sleeve and inner sleeves, to the burnt pages (some of which are parchment) emblazoned with creepy pencil sketches, this thing just blows the mind! I almost forgot to play the records when I first got it, which was a serious blunder on my part. The eight tracks herein are the most "mature" of the band's output, alternating between galloping crusty metal and straight death metal. It's still rough and dirty, but there's a refinement on these songs that wasn't there before. The dark artwork of The Book complements some of the most evil and heavy metal you'll ever have the displeasure of enjoying. Ignore the itchy sensations you'll feel on your head and ass while playing this-- it's just the tail and horns you're growing.

All Depressor EP's and splits here

Some of my favorite pages from The Book (a reproduction is in the link above):

If you need some more Depressor, I'll be doing a post soon on their EP and split with Agathocles!


Anonymous said...

thanks, lovin it!

Batguano said...

Excellent (I say as I diabolically rub my hands together...).

chrisc said...

it took me some but at last i came around to listening to this and it's really great!given the occasion, i just want to thank you for the attention and care you give to your uploads.not only are the rips great but you also include the artwork and lyrics.just wanted to say that your effort is appreciated at least by me.

Batguano said...

Thanks bro! As long as a few of the blog hommies (and silent passersby) enjoy the rips and pics, I'm more than satisfied! This little gem certainly deserved the full picture treatment.

Anonymous said...

aaah man, I was looking for this for ages!

Batguano said...

Right on! Enjoy. If you find an actual copy, grab it... it's friggin' amazing!