Sunday, April 19, 2009

Little Big City Of Dead Dreams

This one goes out to The Pope for posting all the awesome Vae Victis (Reno) records. I've had them on vinyl for a while, and I've got to say that as a fan of dark hardcore this band ranks way up there! Here's the final, vinyl piece of their discography, the "Reno (Where Dreams Come To Die)" LP compilation. 10 Reno acts gather here, ranging in style from old school hardcore, to grindcore, death metal, emotive DC rock, and pirate punk! Of course, Vae Victis show up for two total ass-rapers, and there's another double appearance by that Merck Manuel of hardcore and grind, Iron Lung. Those two bands are definitely the highlights, but Redrum and Headgrenade come out of this as favorites too. Check it out.


The bands: Redrum, Headgrenade, Vae Victis, This Computer Kills, The Livid, The Shookups, Bloody Victim, Iron Lung, All Opposed To The Freedom You Have To Buy, The Scurvy Bastards.


justin said...

Saw this on ebay not too long ago for a ridiculously low buy it now price and didn't take the leap. Kicked myself for that but now you have vindicated me somewhat with a chance to at least hear it. Always the stud Mr. Guano and as seems to be a trend you have read my mind. Thanx again.

Batguano said...

Shoulda' grabbed it! It features the The Mighty Lung after all, so I'm surprised you didn't jump on it!

Papst Benedikt XVI said...

thanks! I couldn't kick myself to rip this one cause I think that the bands besides (you nailed it) REDRUM, HEADGRENADE, VAE VICTIS & IRON LUNG suck with the exception of SCURVY BASTARDS who are ok but nothing more! now I can skip those that suck with ease!