Thursday, February 21, 2013

Half Japanese

I have neither sad story nor heroic epic to account for the lack of posts.  I've just been finding other things to do with my time.  To make up for said "lost" time, I offer a resurrected idea, the "grab bag o' splits."  Four splits had to be chosen from my teeming bins; the international theme was not enough to quell the chaos.  Japan would have to come to the rescue!  Each EP in the bag has one Japanese band featured-- beyond that, quality counts, style doesn't; obscurity is a plus.

This first split sees Norway's Angst wrestling with Idora for the last scrap of whale meat.  Figuratively speaking, I hope.  Both bands represent their respective countries as well as the time period (early '90's) smashingly-- Angst discharging an arctic blast of thrashed-out Norse-core with modern flourish, and Idora doing what their country has mastered for ages, but with an exceptionally scathing guitar sound.

If a bit of South American brutal primitivism is your thing, Venezuela's @patia No deliver it, Machetes in hand.  Their three tracks also appear on the collection LP they put out on Alerta Antifascista/Skuld, but here they are, in their original place of nativity, next to Japan's Jabara.  These guys are probably best known on this coast for the 12" they put out on Prank, and these two Death Side-esque rippers ended up on that one too.

It's Germany and Japan, reunited once again, this time not for world domination, but for intricately wrought ass-brutalization.  Deutschland's Atka provide the fractal grindcore geometry combined with repetitive autistic mind-melting guitar loops, while Swarrrm are up to their usual tricks, escaping the psych-ward long enough to smear their rambling manifesto in feces all over the infrastructure of our decaying civilization.  Ecocentric Records was having a hard time keeping their online store online, and I had a problem downloading my digital version, so my own rips are provided, and I hope you'll contact the label to get a real copy if you can.

  The last goody in the bag is a double creature feature of dirty, metallic sludge.  Hellchild's chugga-chunkiness has graced many a split, and here they are again, busting out Wesley Pipes with Tennessee's very own cannabis crematorium, Bongzilla.  H:G Fact never lets us down, even when the bands are not the label's usual fare.

Get all four splits in this bag.

Recently Re-upped: Mine "Tetanus" LP + Dawnbreed Split 7"

Coming Up: the fulfillment of a request!


zak said...

Thanks! esp for the Idora split. Do you also have the other two idora eps that you can post?

Anonymous said...

back with a vengeance! :) top class writing (which is why your blog always was and still is my favorite) and a few bands that are totally new to me. gonna check 'em out. thanks once again!

Batguano said...

Hey Zak, I don't have those at present, but like always, I will get see if I can get them soon. Thanks.

Hey Roman! Yeah, that's the great thing about splits-- getting to know other bands. Thanks again for your encouragement; very much appreciated!

Anonymous said...

did you happen to have something else by angst? im searching for the only ep they did aside from the split with idora...btw you should check out kort prosess - is the singer new band after angst with members of bannlyst,kafka process and others...pretty much like angst crossed over with doom.. thanks

Batguano said...

Hey there, sorry for the delay (I thought I responded, but I must have not pushed the button...). I will get more Angst up as soon as I can. I am very familiar with Kort Prosess, but I didn't know about the band member's connection. I guess I just thought that was the "Norwegian" style of vocals, he he. Anyway, thanks for filling me in!

Anonymous said...

well yes in fact is the same singer of Kort Prosess... anyway thanks,i'll look forward for it,since is one of my favorites bands ever!

thanks again

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