Monday, June 27, 2011


I'll go ahead and leave Canada alone for while, but not without first dropping a double regiment of Hybride. I can't find much information about these guys, but on the 10" depicted above, prepare yourself for a seriously fucked up guitar sound and some noise rock/sludge/hardcore that leaves me with the same sickened satisfaction as the Gasp demo or the Insuiciety 10". There's a looseness of structure and direction that the band would shed a bit on their...
...7" a year or two later. On this, their final (?), outing the band stripped their sound down almost to the bones and opted for a mean, almost unencumbered sludge-metal approach. They also kept only Mélanie on vocals, and in isolation she reminds me a lot of the Daymare singer (maybe it's just because her screams are high-pitched and in French). I can't pick a favorite between the two records as it really depends if you're in the mood for some psychedelic chaos or more measured heaviosity. Both are in the folder below.

Hybride 10" & 7" (Spineless and Bad Card Records respectively)


Anonymous said...

Just few words about Spineless Records. It was a real diy label from Montreal. The guy behind this was Chris, a "bum" (as he said) who owned Sound Central one of the good record stores in Montreal (at that time located on ste cath st). He was a real friendly guy, open minded, have always real good records and knows very well the hc scene in north america. With this help, i could discover Montreal hc scene, lot of good bands, lot of good shows, lot of good records. Last thing he made was saturation record. After that, i got no news about him. Hope he is ok & fine somewhere !

Batguano said...

Thanks Fab! I've been enjoying Spineless releases for years so it's nice to put a "face" to all the great releases. Take care, dude.

Anonymous said...

thanx again for the great record, tons of great stuff here. You make me happy.
I'd have a request maybe, 'im looking everywhere for Pieklo Kobiet/Pussy Face split ep, and Warmachine/Yankee Wuss split. If you, or somebody can make it available, that would be awesome.
Thanx a lot, and keep the good job.

Batguano said...

Hey Mel, glad you found some stuff you like here. At present, I don't have those records, but my luck has been good lately, so I'll start searching. Thanks!

Tamás Kisbali said...

Hi, any chance for a reupload? Thanks!

Batguano said...

Sure, happy to do so. The link has been updated, and I added a comp track from the Homeless Benefit 7".
Thanks for your interest.