Saturday, July 9, 2011

Starving The Starving

So maybe we won't be leaving Canada alone just yet. I got bitten by the summer bug since the last post and thus the delay; but in the meantime I secured a cheap copy of the Wisigoth/Jobbykrust split LP which I'm happy to share with you today. Wisigoth continue with their raw and ugly doom/crust/metal, and Jobbykrust compile some early demo material for 12 tracks of charged-up political hardcore done right. Both bands are so distinct, yet the pairing seems just perfect and both match each other in intensity and sincerity, making the 47 minutes of music seem all too short. Get more Jobbykrust music and info here, here, and here, and get the Wisigoth 7" here.


Anonymous said...

thanx for this amazing band, i already had this split, but was looking for the ep since ages, and now thanx to you it's done.
Great great job you're doing.
I know you already have a lot, but i have a request, i'm looking everywhere for the ep of Scorned, minneapolis crust, i have their split with Hellbound and their lp, but if somebody can make a rip of the ep, please.
Thanx a lot.
Take care.

Batguano said...

Hi there... I noticed Scorned has a new 7". That's cool that they're still around. I will do my best in hunting down the first one for you. Thanks for your interest.

Anonymous said...

never heard a jobbykrust recording i wouldn't love. their first stuff i've ever heard were these demos. still like them just as much as i did then. they must have beeen a great live band. shame i never had a chance to see them. wisigoth are a positive surprise. after the first listen i think they'd be a really nice fit on the other side of the split lp w/ viktors hofnarren!

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