Friday, July 13, 2012

Unsavory Secret Cloaked in Mystery

With tracks as long and complex as the life cycle of its namesake, Hellgrammite amble, trod, and ravage through mindscapes... well, unsavory, secret, and mysterious.  And, not unlike the fungus of the opening track's title, each of the four compositions on the "II" cassette are like deadly spores infecting the listener's brain, splitting sword-like through the cranium, revealing the tangled bramble-patch of the mind's sense of pleasure, euphoria, pain, and fear.  Black metal, doom, prog... these are all comfortable reference points, but like all art/music, it's not just what is present that matters, but the spaces between.  Whether those spaces take the form of bass-heavy drones, or echoey psychedelia, the violent times are all the more confusing and thrilling by contrast.  Hellgrammite is brought to you by one half of Same-Sex Dictator, and members of Forest Friends and ...Wind Swept Planes... The "II" tape is (possibly) available from End Theory Records, or contact the band.

Hellgrammite "II" Cassette (digital rips... 320)

** Special thanks to Justin for hooking up the tape and the WAV files (and for the awesome drumming)!


Justin said...

There's a link to the End Theory distro for the tape.

Thanks for the rad review, Marc! I dig it.


Batguano said...

Ah, shit, I totally missed that. I updated the link in the post.

Anonymous said...

thanx for these awesome records you share. I always find great stuff thanx to you.
I'd have a request, i'm looking for Sangre De Los Puercos eps, the made two, people were in Distraught before that, and i can't find them anywhere, so i'm asking to the best blog i know to help me.
Keep up the good work and thanx again.

Justin said...

Oh yeah, one more thing, we def don't check that myspace so people can message us keep up on our latest doings at!/pages/HELLGRAMMITE/165100876862459 and


Batguano said...

Hello anonymous... give me a week and I'll have those eps up. Thanks again for getting involved!