Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Vicious Pleasures

Since I don't go to shows much anymore, grabbing random demos and getting pleasantly blown away has replaced the excitement of discovering bands the more preferred way (live).  Although places like bandcamp remove some of the mystique of the demo experience, at least the bands are getting more exposure (and bloggers get to spotlight certain bands to like-minded people... hey, maybe this blog isn't completely useless after all).  So on to the spotlight band, Vicious Pleasures, fired from that musical birth machine of Portland, Oregon.  By now we know that location doesn't necessarily mean much in this case, except for the higher potential for quality.  Therefore I'll describe VP as playing modern peace punk which reminds me of the slower-paced material from Signal Lost, minus the noodle-y guitar leads.  A formula like this leaves the vocalist exposed and vulnerable, and only one with charisma like Sara can hold things together.  Her pipes and style will appeal to fans of that gutsy, rock-crossover approach put on the map by bands like Icon Gallery, Godless, and, yes, Signal Lost.  The five-track demo is not only promising, it's a great listen and has excellent sound quality for a first outing.  So that you enjoy an almost authentic demo experience, I ripped my tape copy, but you can get a free digital download from the band.

Vicious Pleasures- demo tape

Bandcamp - Free download available

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Njec said...

Hi - punks from Zagreb, Croatia here! Feel free to check out our newest album and download it for free or with donation here


Batguano said...

Man, my first comment on a new post since April, and it's a band promotion!?

Just kidding. You guys play some rockin' melodic hardcore. Good luck to you!

beastbeastbeastie said...

yesssss! these folks are total sweethearts.

Boab said...

Your review pretty much sold this to me, gonna give it a try! Thanks.

Batguano said...

Jacqui- good to hear I'm supporting good people as well as music; give 'em all a hug for me!

Boab- I hope it didn't disappoint... thanks for giving them a shot.