Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Summon the Crows - "Scavengers Feast"

The crusty-ass stenchcore revival has reached Norway! Summon the Crows is Oslo's answer to American bands like Stormcrow and Hellshock, and European bands like Filth of Mankind and Instinct of Survival. On "Scavengers Feast," (Nakkeskudd Plater/Cradle to the Grave Records) you get 13 tracks of bestial crustcore played EXCEPTIONALLY well. These chaps don't rely too heavily on the chuggin' Bolt Thrower worship, but instead mix in subtle melody and a bit of dissonance to keep the listener alert and on edge. What you get is what you should always get from a crust record: something rather modern, but which nods respectfully to Deviated Instinct and Amebix. And, if you dig below the death-obsessed surface of STC's lyrics, you will easily find a distinctly anarchist lean to their ideas, especially with respect to making personal decisions in life. This album is solid as hell, and absolutely rises above much of the overwhelmingly abundant and often mediocre output of the DIY world. See what you think:


"Life is Shit"

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Profane Existence


Anonymous said...

The download links go to funny games.. could you please reup? Cheers

Batguano said...

The tracks are back up!