Saturday, October 13, 2007

Zero Hour Repost!!!

Back in July I posted Zero Hour's tracks from their amazing 7". These tracks were downloaded more than any others that I've posted, so I've made them available again. And, because it appears that their split LP is once again sold out (this time permanently?), I've posted those tracks too. Just go to the original post to experience all the misery and beauty!


dystralte said...

Wow! I never knew they put out anything other than the 7". Always wanted more, now I have it. Thanks! A truly amazing band that deserves far more recognition than bands like Born Against IMO.

Batguano said...

Well, Born Against were pretty great. But yes, there are tons of bands from that era that need to be better recognized! Enjoy the ZH.

Unknown said...

The Zero Hour 7" was one of the first 7"es I owned (possibly the first?). My 14/15 year old ass was blown away... I mean, I have no words.

"I'll never forget..."