Monday, October 29, 2007

Out Cold

Out Cold is a band anyone can respect. For about 17+ years now, these Massachusetts old schoolers have ripped assholes anew on album after album. Rather than rehashing early eighties American hardcore, Out Cold blend the more menacing specimens of that era (ie. Negative Approach) with a dose of the futility, desperation, and irony that marks our current one (... and perhaps a bit of Death Side style hardcore spread on top? Maybe it's just my ears....). Don't sample Out Cold songs expecting to hear the latest ultra-brutal-mathy-progressive-crusty-blackened-tech-thrash. In fact, it seems these punks pride themselves on an ethic of complete "bullshitlessness": they have spent their years of live and studio time shunning trends and simply playing the music they love.
Despite a fair amount of touring, and consistently great reviews, Out Cold have only managed to blip a few times on the recognition radar. Arguably, their recent albums are their best material, so now is a great time to track them down while they are not impossible to find. Below are some samples from their last two full lengths. Give 'em a try if you're not already hooked.
from "Goodbye Cruel World" (Mad at the World Records/Acme Records)
from "Will Attack if Provoked" (Deranged Records/Acme Records)


Icky said...

Great post, love these guys!

Batguano said...

Yep, OC can do no wrong!