Sunday, November 11, 2007

Konfrontation - Another Reason Why Sweden Rules (musically)!

In my fervent search for more furious Swedish hardcore along the lines of Skitsystem, Kontrovers, Martyrdod, etc., I happily came across Konfrontation. Their name and cover art are rather unassuming, but within the grooves of their LP, "Nedbrytningsprocessen" (2005?), festers some of the best hardcore of this style I've heard so far. Like their genre-mates above, Konfrontation uses plenty of speed and distorted guitars, but on several tracks (see samples below) the song writing is rather unpredictable, leading the listener into slower moments of melody, and downright slow moments of undistorted guitar picking. Perhaps being in that region of the world, the progressive metal scene (Burst, Cult of Luna) has inadvertently leeched into Konfrontation's way of doing things. Either way, this blazing record is firmly planted in the DIY hardcore vein, and if you enjoy the dark, Swedish style, this album is essential!

"Inatvant Hat"

Buy if for Cheap (Americans):
Crimes Against Humanity

Dist & Confused


Anonymous said...

PLEAAAESE upload the complete Konfrontation LP!!!

Batguano said...

It's pretty damned good, huh?! Send me an e-mail, I'll send you the link.

Anonymous said...
Many thanks for this.