Monday, April 28, 2014


What's that creaking underfoot? Is this derelict barge finally starting to budge?  Yes, it's sailing once again, but the waters ahead may be choppy and a bit foggy.  I can't be sure it will get far, but it's time to leave dock and let the current take it where it will...

This post consists of the other two bands I alluded to in the Acursed post.  Lest they be forgotten, I thought it'd be a good idea to post a retrospective on a band that really hooked me in to all the dark scandi-core of the late nineties/early naughts.  The first album by Kontrovers seemed to gush an endless supply of manic, thrashing riffs, made endlessly listenable by their tasteful touches of guitar melody.  I'm sure this garnered them many lazy comparisons to Tragedy, and genre-wise that isn't entirely off.  But I certainly wouldn't want them to be written off as some disposable derivative.  I think their discography speaks volumes to the band's worth, and below is the bulk of it.

The idea behind these posts was to gather the odds and ends, so this link is in keeping with that goal.  It collects the band's early 7" and splits with Beyond Description and Mass Separation.  On many of these tracks we see a slightly "grindier" and more raw approach.  While I prefer their later, more intricate song writing, there's not a thing wrong with these little records.

All three records here.

In case you've passed Kontrovers up before, I wouldn't feel right letting you go without loading you up with my favorite releases of theirs.  Their two albums offer some of the finest work this sub subgenre produced.  The massive 20 track debut is a real feast, but the final LP exudes a confidence and mastery that really distinguishes it.

Kontrovers LP (Putrid Filth Conspiracy, 2002)... If anyone has better quality rips of this one, let me know! I really didn't feel like ripping my copy of the LP

Kontrovers- "När Spelreglerna Ändras" LP (Putrid Filth Conspiracy, 2003... 320 Kbps)

The lesser known of the "K" bands, Konfrontation only managed to drop one LP, but it was quite the doozy.  From when I posted it before, I vaguely remember using imagery of finely crafted surgical instruments to describe the way this band can rob you of your vitals with a precision that is both artful and savage.  Instinct of course led me to explore their back catalog, and while none of their EPs quite match "Nedbrytningsprocessen," they still collectively make for a great listen. If you missed out on the LP, though, you can find it here.

 Two Konfrontation EPs and their split with The Slicks (also a Swedish band, but with more of a punk 'n roll thing going on).

I hope to do the impossible and get another post up before the end of week, along with new favorites in the side bar, and, after I check all my e-mail, some re-upload links.  Stay tuned, those of you who haven't given up on me yet.


Anonymous said...

hey there, Marc!
glad to see your ship is still sailing! i was beginning to think that it sunk. thanks for kontrovers. i'm really curious about konfrontation. maybe finally something interesting from sweden.. we'll see. wish you a strong steady wind to sail through the foggy spots with ease!

Anonymous said...

Hey, as always, thanx for this interesting post.
Checking your blog once a week to see if there's some new stuff, and always happy to see a new post.
Keep up the good work.

Batguano said...

Hey Roman!
I thought I was sunk for sure, but not just yet. As usual, if there's anything you need, just let me know.

Mr. or Ms. anonymous,
Cool, sorry for the absence. I'll try to be more consistent and more productive in the next couple of months.

Anonymous said...

hi Marc!
i could definitely use good rips of any old suppression material you didn't post yet and i was wondering if you by any chance have some records from urbn dk and they live, cos they are pretty damn hard to find on the web. thanks a lot!

Batguano said...

Well, I've got a bunch of They Live and a little Suppression. I get started on the They Live LP...

Screaming Fastcore said...

Hi, could you reupload Mass Separation & Kontrovers split, please?

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Anonymous said...

Hello, any chance you could re-upload Konfrontation or email these albums to me? I been having hell of a time trying to find them.
Thanks -