Tuesday, January 28, 2014

We Can Do Anything!

Ah, the sound of children's voices, so green, carefree, and heart-warming, especially when shouted over grinding fast hardcore punk!  It's thanks to another blog visitor that I was pointed in the direction of a record virtually unseen on these shores.  The "Making Children's Songs a Threat Again" comp might suggest a themed collection, and that is indeed the case.  The tracks, writings, and interview responses are all concerned with either growing up, or the ongoing conundrum punk/anti-authoritarian parents face as they struggle to reconcile their ideals with the choices they make for/with their children.  Some documentaries have been made on this subject, but the interviewees and bands on this one are not as mainstream as the ones in those flicks.  In addition to fantastic music and discussion, this comp was put together with that ingredient foodies love to allude to-- I'm talking about the "L" word here, people.  There's a hand-bound smaller booklet with lyrics, a comic book clipping, and even some handwritten messages.  The larger booklet is less involved, but nicely and simply laid-out, and contains interview responses from some members of contributing bands, members of other hardcore bands, and some label proprietors (Deep Six, Profane Existence...).  And, just look at the international line-up:

This is an incredible comp; something I seldom ever say.

Some other things you may want to know about it:
  • It starts off with a long spoken word in French by the singer of 20 Minutes de Chaos.  But that is the only track of its kind.
  • Yes, a couple of tracks do actually have band members' kids on vocals.
  • Some European distros still have copies of this, such as here. This one is worth owning just for the packaging alone!
  • Many of the tracks are exclusive to this record
  •  There are some between-tracks sound bites and music; I often wasn't sure where to cut them off.  Sorry if I goofed.  However, this comp seems designed to be heard all the way through, no interruptions. 
"Making Children's Songs a Threat Again" LP (scans of all booklets included), (Guerrilla Shooting Records, 2005)

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Okay, next up, we return to the Swedish series...


aboynamedstew said...

once again, some psychic confluence? i actually pulled this LP out of my collection a few weeks ago to listen again, and maybe make a shitty digi rip for myself and quickly started headscratching over dividing tracks, even what counted as a song and what was "between-song banter". I didn't know anybody else had heard this, I've only ever seen my own copy, purchased curiously from my friend's distro in philly. long story, for a short thank you batguano. glad to see yr still at this.

Batguano said...

Hey dude,
This psychic thing has happened before, I remember. And yeah, I feel your confusion on those transitions between songs. I ended up just putting the two Jinn tracks together as one for that reason. And the instrumental that closes the whole LP, that's not Zegota, right? I'd be interested to know who it is.

So, yes, I'm still doing the blog thing, albeit less frequently than ever. It's always invigorating to see that old visitors/contributors like yourself are still keeping an eye on the place and listening to the good stuff. Thanks and take it easy.

Ricardo said...

This is awesome!! A comp with Zegota and Migra Violenta!! I don´t know about this. I'll download it right now

Thanks a lot Batguano, It's great to see that you keep the blog alive

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