Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Eye of Nix

From Seattle, whose water supply must be nightly tainted with goat's blood by some dark, hooded figure, comes yet another smashing addition to metal's grayest enclave. Eye of Nix is the sound of Empire crumbling: a lone woman's wailing is heard, awakening old despair.  The populace stirs to a mumble of discontent traveling mouth to ear, thrusting the gyres of dissent into motion; the throb and pulse mounts to a critical mass that the mechanisms of power can no longer contain.  Chanting and drumming dissolves to caterwauling and crashing; before long, all is dust and rubble, and the hazy promise of things to come.

Call it black metal, if you have to call it something. Cold, ambient, hypnotic, noisy-- the kind of band you'd want to have play at your next black mass, yet whose lyrics (that aren't in Latin) are refreshingly straight forward.  I came to know Eye of Nix because of their connection with other Seattle favorites, Same-Sex Dictator and Hellgrammite, whom I hope you'll check out too.  For a time, I'll post my tape rips of the Eye of Nix demo below, but I hope you'll go to their bandcamp page and support them if they appeal to you.

Eye of Nix demo, 2013

Live video of another EON track.

Counterblast EPs
Counterblast first LP
Counterblast second LP
Mine first 7"
Grinch/Lost Goat split LP


Anonymous said...

You have just dug a new find. It's like Jarboe fronting a Black Metal band. Or a Blackened version of Antiproduct. 'Rome Burned' reminds of Kylesa's version of 'Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun'. Anyway, a lot of THANKS about the Counterblast re-ups. I've downloaded them before (here in your blog back in 2010) but my hard disk drive have crashed sometime in 2012. Your rips are way better than other blogs. You're also including the scans. A proof you really own the records. A lot of blogs out there are just LEECHERS. If possible can you also re-up the Token Tantrum 10", the Servitude 7" and their split with Ebola.

Batguano said...

Hey there, sorry for being away so long. I really dig your descriptions of Nix (especially the first one). Re-uploads are no problem, and you are most welcome (the Servitude 7" was kind of a problem because the files somehow went missing. I re-ripped those anyway). Check the recent compilation post the rest of your requests. Thanks for getting involved.

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