Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Scream While There's Still Room To Breathe

The punishment comes slow and heavy tonight, as it's finally time to post a long-time favorite-- Counterblast! From the still-twitching remains of Swedish greats, G-anx, Counterblast was pieced together to be a more brooding, atmospheric monster, while still retaining their predecessor's unrelenting heaviness. This post brings together the band's first and (so far) last vinyl outings. First, as pictured above, is the split they released with Grace Will Fall. Counterblast demonstrate with ease that they have not lost a bit of their power over the years with their one excellent track, "Failure," and GWF offer three blasts of their lightly distorted, bittersweet, "screamo" (for a serious lack of better terms). It's a really nice, yet odd pairing, on an unfortunately limited edition platter.

Just in case you don't have Counterblast's absolutely classic debut 7", I went ahead and included rips in the folder. The first track, "Prospects," stands up to this day as one of the band's all time best. In addition, they've released at least one comp track, and two powerhouse full-lengths, which are getting harder to find. I have them on vinyl, so if they stay hard to find I may have to post them soon.

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Anonymous said...

more of the slow(ish),dark heaviness i really love.excellent stuff indeed.anything more from these guys would be appreciated.i also checked Agrimonia out,after you mentioning them on the Cull post,and i must say they are an amazing band.i'm seriously thinking about buying their record.thank you very much Batguano.

Batguano said...

Hey Chris, thanks for the feedback... If I can squeeze out some good rips, I'll post the Counterblast LP's soon. As far as Agrimonia goes, I highly recommend the LP! At least two of the tracks (which is half the album) are pure gold, and the others are almost as good!

Strange Ranger said...
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Slobodan Burgher said...

counterblast rules