Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Cancer Of Life

Token Tantum is another extended member of the Elderberry Records family (headquarters of G-anx, Counterblast, etc.) that shatters the Swedish mould into jagged pieces, then rearranges them into a mosaic of oblique patterns, steeped in icy tones. The experience can be a bit challenging, and, at times, trying to one's patience. But, as with Counterblast's epic work, the journey can be a rewarding one to those with calloused enough feet. The only other band reference I feel obligated to make is one to Lost (Poland), whose dark ambiance and stark screams could easily shoe-horn you into the bleak dilemma that is Token Tantrum. If motivation permits, one day I'll post their split with Affray, but for now, here's the "Cancer Of Life" 10".


PS- I think I divided the tracks correctly, but if you notice a problem, don't be shy.


7inchcrust said...

hey, this is really good, i didn't know them, thanks :)
Lost is awesome, their lp is much better than the 7"

Anonymous said...

hey,its awesome/ please upload Token Tantrum/Affray

Batguano said...

Hey Billy. Yes, the "Fear-Strach" LP is a fine piece of work. I might post it, but I think it's already been done.

Anonymous- Glad you like it. I'll work on getting that split up in a week or so.

chrisc said...

excellent stuff by yet another band i ignored.thank you(again and again).