Saturday, May 2, 2009

Of Flexis And Democracy

I like the idea of posting a 7" on a Saturday morning; it doesn't take up too much of your or my time on this leisurely day of the week (and if you have to work today, well then, sucks to be you :(. To supplement your cartoon watching capers, hang-over nursings, and post soccer game r'n r, I have for you a flexi from two out of control hardcore bands: Amen (Finland) and Damnable Excite Zombies (Japan... obviously). Amen are irreverent and crusty and produced a bunch of 7"s over the years (mostly in the early nineties). Most of their releases are pretty rare, and if my copy isn't in too horrible shape, I may post their 7" with the cover depicting an inflatable Catholic sex nun doll (!). DEZ had a similar career, but play super energetic hardcore like their country-mates, Deride. They also win my personal award for my favorite refrigerator magnet poetry/Japanese Engr/lish band name (leave a comment if you have a favorite). They produce some awesome tunes, as well, and you can go here for further punishment.

Warning: there's a slight bump on my copy, creating a "flange" experience; but what do you expect from the vinyl equivalent of a Nerf Frisbee? Just don't listen to it with headphones on, and it'll be alright.

So, in my attempt to include you in my postings, I'd like to get a request thing going. Below are some bands I will eventually do posts on. Help me choose what to post next by leaving a comment!

Gloom (Japan)
Cattle Press
Books Lie
Sin Dios
Crude BE
El Nudo
Human Greed
Sacrilege (UK)
A Light In The Attic
Revolt (Japan)
Saturation (Canada)
Terminal Youth
Kisses And Hugs
Gus (Florida)
The Neighbors (San Diego!)
Dead Wrong (UK)
Glycine Max
Out Cold
Edora (Singapore)
Forced Expression
Harum Scarum
Token Tantrum
Senseless Apocalypse/Slight Slappers
Stapled Shut

Potential Reposts:

"In The Spirit Of Total Rebellion..." Comp
Terminal Youth
Bonescratch 12"
Daymare 7"
Complacency Comp.

Okay, let me know if you want to see any of these or anything else posted soon. Bye.


mike said...

Another great post! As for the next one, I vote for Iabhorher. I ripped a friend's copy of this one a while back at 128k 'cause I was dumb. Plus his 7" was well worn and my MP3s reflect that so some clean 320s would be great. BTW, Pat from Hyperrealist is going to be re-issuing the 7" along with the two compilation tracks on a 12" sometime later this year. Look out for that!

7inchcrust said...

thanks for this Marc :)
i m waiting for Daymare's repost...
about Wormwood:do you have Behemoth 7" or the split 7" with Esoteric?

Anonymous said...

more... swarrrm!

Batguano said...

Hey Mike,
That's great news about the Hyperrealist re-issue! My copy of the 7" is in pretty sorry shape too, but if I can get some good rips out of it, I'll post it. That'll hold us over till the twelver comes out (which I'll probably order the day of it's release!). Thanks!

Billy- I think the Behemoth 2X7" is still in print, but I'll make some rips eventually and send them to you. I also have the Reversal of Fortune/Communion 7" which I'll post soon!

Vengeance- The only Swarrrm record I have that I don't recall seeing posted out there is their live split LP. I'll work on that... let me know if you're looking for something in particular.

justin said...

This shreds Marc and really how could it not when you have it here. I kind of favor DEZ and to be honest with you I don't think there is a better engrish band name unless you actually get into lyrical content. GISM was great for that. Growing up in LA one of my favorite pizza places was run by these vietnamese guys. When calling in an order they would ask "ee ow o parmen", which meant " is it a house or apartment". My spanish probably sounds just as funny to native spanish speakers. Anyway, looking at your list of potential bands to post made me realize that I do not have one hard copy of anything by any of those bands you mentioned and more than half of them I've never heard. You've got a lot of teaching to do teacher. Since I like splits for the variety, how about the Apocalypse/Slight Slappers split? Thanx again bro.

Wooderson said...

The first DFA and RICE!!! FUCK YOU...THIS IS RICE!!!

You didn't mention it but everything from Word Salad would be great thing as well!

Anonymous said...

great post - Amen can do no wrong. Their Paranemia lp may be the best thing out of Finland in the 90's. If you could post their Feikki 7" that would be awesome too!

The Apeface 12" would be great to hear again, as well as the rest of the Enewetak stuff and the Quarantine 7", and yeah, great to hear you will post the Wormwood - Reversal 7".

so yeah, great blog as always. Thanks!

Batguano said...

Justin- thanks, your comments always motivate the heck out of me! I'll definitely post that split early this week.

LA - How about I post a couple of Rice EPs, the Word Salad split 10", and a DFA 12" next week? That should keep me busy!

Mike - I'll definitely get working on Quarantine and Apeface discography posts, and get "Feikki" going too. I got a copy of Enewetak's "Guns" (which shreds) but it's in pretty crap condition, so we'll see.

Okay, I've got a busy couple of weeks ahead of me. Thanks ya'll.

RyGar said...

I rember Slight Slappers and Rice in name, but forget what they sounded like. If you can post the Apeface side of the Zero Hour split, I think I'd have everything they put out, which would be great because they were one of the local bands I took every opportunity to see.

Batguano said...

Okay, I'll move the Apeface post up a little in the queue. Thanks!

7inchcrust said...

oh, i didn't know Behemoth is still in print.. thanks,i appreciate it :)

Anonymous said...

Please post the Crude BE/Harsh split EP!!!! If you have any other HARSH, it would be incredible if you could post that, as well. So much out of print that I never got a chance to hear!! THANKS!!!- the grindfreek

Batguano said...

Hey, Grindfreek, no problem. I have that split and I believe one other EP I haven't posted yet. Look out for it!

yrfkt said...

I realize this isn't on your list but

Crude SS

would all make awesome posts for which I would be eternally grateful

Batguano said...

I have some Forward and Warhead which I'll post if it's not too available. I posted a little Death Side a while back and strangeranger put a link in the comment section for more high quality DS rips, in case you missed. Thanks. Good to see you in action over here!

chrisc said...

i see some favourites in that list(wormwood,cattlepress and more)but to be honest i'm more excited about the bands i've never heard before.i've discovered lots of great,previously unknown to me,music through this blog and i'm definitely forward to much,much more.

Anonymous said...

good quality enewetak rips would be great... i trut your taste avyway
thank you fellow!

Anonymous said...

i'd be really grateful, if you could post token tantrum, quarantine, harsh and saturation. many thanks! keep up the good work!

Batguano said...

Hey Roman!

No problem. Others have requested Harsh and Quarantine, so you can expect to see those really soon. I'll get Token T and Saturation up eventually too.