Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The King Packs Heat

This one goes out to Mike (the otherwise anonymous one) who besides being awesome about leaving comments, also has impeccable taste in music! He's been more than hinting at the need for more Enewetak on this site, and I couldn't agree more. "Guns. Elvis Loved Them." is Enewetak's second LP and puts in many bids among its 12 tracks to be my favorite of them all. No need to choose favorites, really, and no need to try to classify this band, or compare them to Rorschach or Unruh (although it has been done and it makes sense). Nothing can prepare you for the nihilism and torment this band trafficked, so just go ahead and listen.



Michael said...

Awesome !! Thanks so much for this. My son and wife sure don't agree about me having an impeccable taste in music, but I sure am trying to show them the light.

Batguano said...

Hey Mike. You're more than welcome. I gave up trying to convince the people in my life about the superior aesthetics of hardcore. I guess that's why I blog!

Enjoy... there's more to come!

Anonymous said...

thank you! finally i found a proper rip of this classic. if you have more quality rips of them goodies please post.