Monday, May 4, 2009

Some Slow, Some Go!

All request week (month?) begins with the Iabhorher 7" for Mike of the great All Go, No Slow! podcast blog. Iabhorher didn't release much (this 7" on Slap-a-Ham, and some comp. tracks?) before morphing into Cattlepress (more or less). I don't want to name-drop too much, but you may recognize some infamous member(s) in the line-up and on the cover art credit. Although my copy is a little thrashed, the menace doesn't let up on the two bass-heavy aberrations presented here, and you hopefully won't notice it too much when/if you rock out to it. No big deal if you do, because as Mike pointed out, Hyperrealist is going to reissue all the band's material on a 12" soon (at which time, I'll remove the link).



chris said...

heard the name but never checked 'em out till now. thanks

Wooderson said...

This is great! I have this 7" as well and didn't even realize that Dave Witte played on this until about 5 years later!

Ryan Aircraft said...

Perfect timing! I got a copy of this record last week and I was tyrying to cop a version for the iPod... thanks so much!

mike said...

Thanks for the post! Your version is much cleaner than mine. This should hold me over until the reissue. I'll be sure to keep you posted on that!

Anonymous said...

thanks mate

I always wanted to check this one out.. one of the few slap a ham released that i didn't listened to.

cheers - matt

Stormy said...

Always loved this record, as well as the related first Cattlepress ep. Great post, thanks.