Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Chispas - Relax! Nothing Is Under Control

Germany is my go-to country now for excellent melodic hardcore. With bands like Lost World, El Mariachi, Kobayashi, Inner Conflict, etc., it's no wonder. Chispas continue the melodic tradition on their only full length "Relax! Nothing Is Under Control." With all of the great political bands out there incorporating melody and a discordant, modern edge into their punk, Chispas breaks no new ground. But like a lot of German bands, they raise the quality bar. The music is mid-paced to moderately fast, with guitar melodies that tend toward a slightly darker range of tones, but without being too oppressive or depressing. The male/female vocal trade-offs are harsh, but very listenable. In fact, the female singer sounds uncannily like Tati from Lost World/Endrophobia/His Iro Is Gone, which is in no way a bad thing! Actually I wouldn't have any problem with more vocalists copping her grating brand of snotty punkness. The cover art is easy to ignore, so I thought I would present this record for those who may have overlooked it. Definitely a winner if you like Lost World, Ballast, Paragraf 119, To What End?, Bread and Water...




Profane Existence
Scenester Credentials

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