Friday, September 14, 2007

Coldbringer - "Lust and Ambition"

Just when I was afraid I would run out of Leatherface albums to wear out, I find Coldbringer. These Portland rockers don't sound like Leatherface, but they conjure the same bitter-sweet melancholia, via a similar punk-rock-meets-smokey-pub-workin'-class-rock aesthetic. At first I thought their 12" (Dead Ideas Records), "Lust and Ambition," was "very promising." But after many listens, I have upgraded my opinion to "damn good!" With a thick guitar sound, pounding punk rock tempos, and gruff Lemmy/Stubbs-esqe melodic vocals, it's hard not to be swept away by these tracks. Coldbringer seems to have some projects lined up for the near future, despite some line-up issues... so let's hope they stick around for a while.


"Metaphysical Ways"
"Death Generation"

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Thanks for the post! Awesome stuff!!