Monday, September 10, 2007

Daymare 7"

Here's an ep that should have kicked off an excellent "career." Unfortunately, it appears that Daymare's 7" was a swan song & debut all in one. Released in 2003 alongside many other HHIG/Tragedy/Skitsystem-inspired European bands, Daymare certainly had my attention. They had the emotive darkness of fellow Frenchmen Fingerprint, with the heavy Swedish influence of the aforementioned bands. The (early) His Hero is Gone comparison enters the picture during the slow, ponderous, chunky moments where the band creates a very dreary contrast to their otherwise high speed approach. It is certainly at these times when the shrill, desperation of the vocals can be most appreciated. The singer is a woman, which shouldn't matter, but let's face it, sometimes it's nicer to hear a female's vocals, or at least a combination of both genders. The lyrics are fairly political, but are presented through the lens of the individual. Themes cover "workaholism," female self-image, and the bleak prospect of bringing children into the world in its current state of moral absence (but not morality in the Christian Fundamentalist kind of way, mind you). The ep was released jointly on Ratbone Records and Stonehenge Records, and according to the former, it is out of print. Until I hear otherwise, download at will... especially if you like Schifosi, Ekkaia, Garmonbozia, Ballast, or any bands mentioned previously.

Download Zip Here


dystralte said...

Great Blog!!

The song I previewed reminds me a lot of Antischism or Initial State. Outstanding 7". Thanks for posting this, I have never heard them before, that I can recall.

I found about five pages of scribbled down addresses and records I have wanted to order but never got around to, be it money or otherwise, stashed in one of my Spermbirds albums recently.

The list dates back to 92 or so (Naked Agression 1st 7"?)and I had a listing written in for a Daymare st 7 on one of the pages. Don't know for sure if it was the same band and I can't clearly read the label name due to ink smudges on half the sheet but ahh well.

Thanks for posting this. Wish I had ordered it.

Batguano said...

Good call on the Initial State comparison, dystralte. I was going to reference them, but I feel like I do so too often.

The Daymare you had on your want-list was either a different Daymare (it predates this one) or maybe the famous Septic Death 7"(?). There's also a newer band called The Daymares, whom I've heard good things about. Either way, thanks for visiting!!

Batguano said...

The track tags for these mp3's were a little jacked up, but they're better now.