Wednesday, October 27, 2010

For One More Smoke Off The Devil's Cigar

If crusty hardcore has become a broken record, I can be perfectly happy as long as it's stuck in a groove carved by bands like Detonate. There really is nothing new on their 12": fast and assertive drums, dirty hardcore riffs that point to crusty predecessors (... Behind Enemy Lines, maybe, or possibly... Consume), ultra-rousing throat action (I'm thinking Amy from Nausea meets Eva from Makiladores), and dove-motif cover art. Yep, this is a wheel reinvented, yet I can't and won't stop playing it. Tracks like this are why I got into this "genre" in the first place; so I say, recycle, reinvent, play on, because this kicks ass, and if that's not important anymore, then I'm completely out of touch and happy that way.

I assumed this twelver would still be around- it being a recent release; but I'm not seeing it in many distros (Puke'n Vomit has a copy). As always, if it is widely available, I'll remove the link (just send an e-mail). Check with Detonate or Distort Reality Records and see if they have any copies left and pick up some other Detonate merch while you're at it.

Detonate 12"


justin said...

Bat, I loved the Shikabane post and am looking forward to this one (high speed internet does not mean the same thing in NoWhere Kansas as it does in you average major city). Just love the way you weave your words, man, with these reviews/testimonies, demands that whatever you're posting be listened to. Hope all is well in the Grove.

Anonymous said...

great! i hope these guys will keep reinventing the wheel, coz they do it exactly the way i like it! sounds like 1998 all over again. i totally agree with justin about your writing. thoughtful and spot-on. thanks a lot, mate!

Batguano said...

Awww, you guys are the best.

Justin, The Grove is all right. I'm trying to adjust to the neighborhood, but it's nice to have place of my own that's quiet and comfy, so I can't complain. Thanks for the generous words, too.

Roman, i'm not surprised this band did it for you too, since our preferences seem pretty well synced. I think Detonate are still around, but have a different singer (tough shoes to fill...).

7inchcrust said...

nice record and nice writing.thanks Marc!great crustcore and girl's voice reminds of Amy.

Anonymous said...

sounds quite like abrupt from oakland also. i love it

greetings from germany


Batguano said...

Hey KC, I just found out about Abrupt a few days ago... member(s) of Desolation? Sign me up!!!